Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Purple, The New Black ?

Happy Wednesday Everyone,

Commentators, during and after The Emmy awards show, told us  that purple is the new, hot color.  Several of the gorgeous stars wore different shades of purple gowns, so now we are told "purple is the new black".   I get a chuckle out of this because, well every year we are told that some color or other is the "new black".  I guess every year we need something to shake up the fashion world.   Do "the powers that be" hope that everyone will run right out and follow the trend, replace their little black dress, their classic black pants or skirt, with a purple one?  I am not sure why this happens, I just find it interesting.  I personally love my black basics, because they make a great palette for showing off my colorful free form pieces. 

Just for fun, I looked through my gallery of photos just to see how many times that I have used purple in the past few years.  I did use it quite often, in varying shades, for jackets, bags and hats.  I found that I used more of the lavender shades than the deep purples.  I did remember that one of the reasons I do not use it more often, is that it is very difficult for me to get a good photograph of anything purple.  What it all amounts to, as far as I am concerned, is you should wear what looks terrific on you, and what you love.

Have a great day


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