Monday, February 27, 2006

Classes/Workshops etc

It is Monday morning and soon I will be off to my regular Monday Morning Class.  I have been teaching this class for quite a few years at The Yarn Box in Pawling, New York.  Last week I only had two students, but a very fun class.

Dee Stanziano, stopped by to hone her skills on entrelac crochet, and Robert, a new student, came in to learn granny squares.  He was so enthusiastic and fun, we had a great time.  Robert is a fabulous knitter and also teaches knitting, but he wanted to learn some crochet to include with his knitting.   Dee took pictures, but alas, I did not know then, that a short week later, I would have my own blog, so no camera.

After the class, I started thinking about the few men that I have had the opportunity to teach and realized that it was really too few.  Last year at Chain Link, a retired gentlemen took my workshop on Entrelac Crochet.  He was there, he told me, because is wife was always off having fun at the conferences, so he decided to find out what it was all about.  He picked up the concept very quickly and was, rightly so, very proud of himself. 

At Stitches East, a young man took my Free Form knitting workshop.  He was a marvel, so talented, just 16.  He came in wearing a tee shirt that said "REAL MEN DO KNIT".  He told me that his grandparents owned a yarn shop, and he literally grew up in that shop, with all the beautiful yarns around him, so it was second nature for him to learn knitting. 

In all my years teaching,  just 3 men in my classes, each one so different.  I wonder if men discovered the calming qualities of hand work, more of them would give it a try. 


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Books and videos on Free Form Knitting and Crochet.

Free Form Knitting and Crocheting

Hi all, my two videos are now available in DVD format.  They are not on my site as yet, but you can order the videos, then just write a note saying that you prefer the DVD (they are the same price).  They can be ordered at

My two books on Free Form Crochet, can be ordered throught

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Knitting, Crocheting and Blogging

According to an old saying,  "you cannot teach an old dog, new tricks"!  According to Dee ( you certainly can and I am proof.  Dee has been bugging me for a while to try blogging, and I abslutely refused, saying "no way, not me".  I am in awe.  Not only did I set up a blog, I actually was able to add entries and make changes.   Now all that remains is to find the time to do it.  Still so much to learn though, it is very intimidating.

On to the wonderful world of needlearts.  I finally completed the fourth book in a series that I have been working on for Creative Publishers International.   The first two books, HOOKED HATS and HOOKED BAGS, will be out in June, and they are already on  I have not figured out how to add links yet,  but if you go to amazon,  write in my name, the books will come up. 

In addition to the CPI  books, I have done a few designs that will be appearing in NEW IDEAS FOR TODAY'S CROCHET,  a new book by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss.  One of my designs is on the cover, it is the white tunic in the bottom left corner.  This book can also be viewed on amazon. 

All work and no play makes for a very dull person, so of course I have been playing for a few weeks.  I am fortunate that, for the most part, my work is like playing for me, but occasionally I do takes flights of fancy.  My latest flight, was a wardrobe for granddaughter's 18" dolls, and were they fun to do.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I did it!!!

With Dee's help via e-mail, I have succeeded in added entries and pictures.  A very successful first try.  Now I have got to get some work done.  M

Two art forms meet

I first heard about Tim Klein on the Free Form Crochet List.  Every one was talking about the fabulous car that he created with yarn.  On a whim, I wrote to Tim, found out that he, and the car, were going to be in my area.  Tim suggested that our two art forms should "meet".  I could not believe it, but there I was, sitting in that fabulous car and actually having a ride in it.   Definitely a fiber fun day.  You can read more about Tim and the car at

Me at the big Knit/Crochet event in NYC

I had just finished this poncho, the night before the big event.  I was determined to wear it the next day.  The day was glorious and sunny, just cool enough for the poncho.  Is made in a combination of knit and crochet squares.  One of the workshops that I give, teaches this method. 

Well my friend Dee, of "Crochet with Dee" fame, convinced me to start a journal. Little did she know what she was getting into. I have tried and tried to get an entry in, but no luck. If this makes it History will have been made this day.