Friday, March 31, 2006

Reaping more teaching rewards

I received a lovely e-mail and photos of Lisa, wearing a dress that I helped her create.  I am so proud of Lisa,  and doesn't she look great in the dress?  Lisa came into my local yarn shop one day, while I was just visiting.  I usually give crochet lessons on Monday mornings at the shop, but Lisa was looking for a particular style knit dress.  We looked through the instruction books and really could not find a simple knitted dress, so I told Lisa, that, if she were willing to work with me, I would write instructions for a dress.  Took a little trial and error, but the results speak for themselves.  Thanks for sharing Lisa.

In a little while, I will be driving to Avon, CT, to teach 2 workshops at The Wool Connection's Ewephoric Weekend.  Great weekend gathering, to learn, socialize and shop, a yarnaholic's dream.  I will bring my camera, and have a lot to report next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!




Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Rewards of Teaching

Hi all,

Loren just sent me another photo of her entrelac blanket.  Her daughter wanted flowers added, so Loren came up with this beautiful addition, turning her blanket into a work of art.  I love it!!!  Loren took my workshop on entrelac crochet, and has absoulutely taken it to a new level.  Thanks for sharing Loren.


Monday, March 27, 2006


Hi All,

The Ewephoric Weekend, held in Avon, CT, and organized by The Wool Connection of Avon, will be held this weekend.  This is my fourth or fifth time teaching at this great gathering.  If you enjoy getting together with people who love the needlearts, if you like to learn lots of new tecniques from some very experienced teachers, and if you love to shop for new yarn, well this is the place for you.  I really love teaching at this weekend event, truly one of my favorites.

Two weeks ago, I decided to join TNNA (The National Needlework Assoc).  I had been to a few shows a long time ago, when they were held in NY.  About 2 years ago, I attended a TNNA event in CA, as a "helper" at the CGOA booth.  I enjoyed it so much, but just did not follow through on joining.  I finally did it, and I received my official acceptance. 

A fellow CGOA member,  gave me a "heads up" that hotels were filling up fast, so  I immediately called for hotel reservations, no problem at all, then I tried to make my airline reservations.  Oh wow, what a surprise.  Not so easy to get from NY to IND, where the show is being held in June.  After 2 hours and lots of frustration, I was able to make a reservation.  The flights offered were overly long, with several long layovers.  When I managed to find one non - stop, the fare was through the roof.  Perserverance won out, and I was able to book, with only one relatively short stop

Next step is to look over all that is being offered, and make my choices.  Another great event to look forward to.  I have a busy year ahead, isn't it wonderful!



Friday, March 24, 2006

Creative Knitting Magazine

Hi all ,the excitement is just not stopping this week.  I was walking in the village yesterday, and one of my student's came running up to me, big smile on her face, telling me that she was so proud of herself for recognizing my work.  Seems she received her new issue of Creative Knitting, saw a bag, said to herself "that looks like Margaret's work", then was thrilled when she was right.  I did not even know what issue my work was appearing in, of course she did not have it with her, so I never got to see it yet.  This one is on free form knitting, and I  did an article to go along with the bag.  Now I cannot wait to see how it turned out. 
A funny thing has happened over the past five years.  I always did both knitting and crochet, but most of my early designs were mainly knitting.  My first books were about half and half, then I don't know when it happened, but everyone began asking for crochet designs instead of knitting.  Now people ask "Oh do you knit also?" 
Yes, I do knit, and I have done several knit designs for Jean and Rita's new books (Creative Partners, Ltd.), now for Creative Knitting, and I will be doing more of both in the very near future. 
Have a good evening

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Hi All,

I received my new issue of Crochet Magazine today, and was thrilled to see that my sweater set was featured as the Editor's Choice. The outfit looks wonderful, the photos are great.   I really like the direction that Crochet has taken in the last few issues.  So modern and fresh looking, lots of wonderful fashions etc.  Hats off to Crochet Magazine.

I also received the first copy of HOOKED BAGS today.  The actual book, not just mock ups, or photos, but the honest to goodness book.  The package was very damaged, and the cover slightly marred, but it looked beautiful to me.  There is definitely something special about seeing all your work come together in print.  Now I cannot wait to see the others.

Good night all


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Hi all,

Two posts in one day - Wow.  I finally was able to get pictures of my new books, it is so exciting to actually see them, so I couldn't wait to share.  Not ready for delivery just yet, but they are already listed on .

Have a good evening



Texas Camp Crochet

Crochet Texas!, along with the San Antonio Rows chapter, is putting on a crochet camp the week of October 20, 21st & 22nd in Austin, Texas. We are still working out the details, but have made several major decisions including location, dates and the types of classes we want to have. 
Hi everyone,
A short while ago, I saw the above note on Crochet Partners, and I wrote to the organizers telling them that I thought that they had a great idea.  I offered encouragement and some of my tapes and books as door prizes for their event.  Well, now I am going to be more involved with this great happening.  I will be teaching two classes there  My classes will be FREE FORM CROCHET  and SPECTACULAR SQUARES. 
I did not realize it at the time, but I had already met several of the women while attending Chain Link in Oakland last summer.  Three of them took my Entrelac Workshop, so we are "old" friends.
I am really looking forwad to this event, I will post more details as they become available. 
Have a great day

This and That

Good Morning Everyone,

Yesterday was  one of those days, when I truly wished that I was triplets.  I was going over the manuscript for my last book,  trying to get another finished design in the mail, and catch up on reading some of my e-mails, all before leaving for an appointment. Talk about multi-tasking! 

My e-mail included some very interesting offers for design work, for which I am always grateful.  My mail also had a note from someone who had purchased my first book (ONE PIECE KNITS), years ago, and was still using it.  She took the time to find me, write to me, and tell me how much she has enjoyed that book over the years.  Her note reminded me, that this has happened to me before, but it always surprises me.  One of our International Free Form list members,  has also told me that she uses the book all the time.   MIRJAM COHEN lives in Israel, and is a noted artist 
When Mirjam realized that I was on the list, she wrote and told me that it was like finding an old friend.  How's that for boosting one's ego? That book was published in 1978 and has been out of print for some time.  It does appear on amazon or ebay occasionally, but the fact that it has endured all this time, really does amaze me.

Another post reminded me, that Tim Klein, wrote about our visit to his wonderful car on his web page, bringing back once again, memories of that fun day.

I am so glad that I stopped for a few minutes to read my mail.  It sure did give my day a wonderful start.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More on my books

Hi Everyone,

I just found out that all 4 of the  books that I have done for Creative Publishers International are listed on  Two of them HOOKED HATS and HOOKED BAGS, will be released end of May, the other two HOOKED THROWS  and HOOKED SCARVES,  will not be released till end of summer.  It is unbelievable, but amazon is already taking orders on these books.  The cover photos are not up for all 4 as yet, but will be soon. 

I have not seen a copy yet, but I understand "its in the mail".  I cannot wait.

Have a great day


Monday, March 20, 2006

Tim Klein's Art Car etc.

Hi All,

I just received a nice e-mail from Tim, telling me that his car and many other art cars, are going to be featured in the May issue of Reader's Digest Magazine.  Tim is thrilled that his work will be receiving such national coverage.  Great news Tim  I cannot wait to see the issue. 

I am just finishing up instructions for two projects that were mailed off on Friday.  Another deadline met, a few more still looming.  I love it though, always something waiting to be finished.

I also started playing with a new free form piece for myself.  I hope to get it done before my trip to England to attend EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, a crochet event to be held in Morcambe.  After Morcambe, I am planning a trip to Wales to visit an Internet friend.  Brenda and I are both members of the International Free Form List, and have been exchanging e-mails for about 5 years.  Time is passing by very quickly and April 30th will be here before I know it. 

Have a good night



Sunday, March 19, 2006

Trying out some new blog entries

I am trying out different things on the blog, hope that they work out.  I hope to change the look or place photos differently.  So far I have not mastered that particular art. 


Hi all,

This morning I am trying to get my booklets together for upcoming workshops.  The first one, Ewephoric Weekend, at the Wool Connection in Avon, CT,  1-860-678-1710 is coming up soon (April 1st and 2nd).  There may still be time to sign up for the many classes that they offer this wonderful weekend. 

I will be doing a combination free form knitting and crochet class, and also patchwork knitting.  We will begin making a bag in the class, but many other items can be made using the methods, as shown in the pictures.

Have a great day


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tim's Art Car

Hi Everyone,

A few days ago, on a another list that I belong to, we were discussing photos of ourselves, and if we liked or disliked them.  I remarked that I have hated the picture of myself, on my first book jacket, for thirty years.  One lister wrote back, that her favorite photo of me was the one above, taken with Tim Klein with his whimsical, yarn covered car.

Tim's car was the favorite discussion of many fiber lists, so on a whim, I wrote to him and told him that he was "the topic of the day", and that I loved his car.  He then told me that he was going to be in NY that summer, and invited me to see the car. He had visited my web site and he thought that our two "art forms" should meet. I jumped at the opportunity, enlisted a friend to come with me, and off we went.  What a fun day, Tim took us for a ride in the car, posed for pictures, told us all about his adventures, trial and error,  in creating the car, what yarn he used etc.  You can see in the picture, that Tim is in shorts, and I am in a heavy, free form jacket.  It was the middle of summer, but I had to have a picture of my jacket along with that fabulous car. 

My meeting with Tim, caused lots of fun "ripples".  It was just before my trip to Australia, to the Fiber Forum, so I brought the pictures along.  I met Jenny Dowde, author of Freeform Knitting and Crochet and contributing writer for TAFTA (the Australian Forum for the Textile Arts) magazine.  I had known Jenny through the Internet, but finally met her in person.  Jenny asked if she could write an article about Tim and our meeting.  I contacted Tim, he agreed, and we soon found ourselves on the pages of TAFTA.  After that we were written up in both our local papers.  Talk about fiber fun!

Have a great day


Friday, March 17, 2006

Loren's Beautiful Entrelac Afghan

Good Morning Everyone,

Last night I received a very nice e-mail from Loren, and pictures of her beautiful afghan.  By using her own imagination and creativity, and adding her own special touches, Loren has taken basic class instruction to new heights.  A teacher's dream.  Wonderful job Loren, thanks for sharing your work.

I have been compiling  the notes that I received in answer to my call for "ideas for new workshops".  There are so many different suggestions, that it will take me a while to sort them all out .  Once again, thanks to all that wrote.

Have a great day


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Entrelac Crochet

I had a nice surprise at my Monday morning class .  L. came in with a beautiful afghan in a gorgeous color way, it was camel, gray and white, in the entrelac stitch.  She reminded me that she had taken one of my workshops on entrelac, and told me that it was her eighth one.  She loves doing the stitch so much, and everyone loves receiving them.  She adds her own inventive ways of introducing the color, and adds other touches that make them truly different.  She promised to send me a picture to post. 

If  I could only remember to bring my camera with me all the time, it would be great !!

I am still getting lots of responses to my call for class ideas.  Soon I will start compiling them, and hopefully have lots of new workshops to offer.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Happily Hooked on Crochet

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Happily Hooked on Crochet Guild, a Connecticut based group and member of CGOA.  They are a very active group, lively and fun, very supportive of each other, and doers of great charity works, and I am happy to be a member.  Yesterday was special because not only did we have a great attendance, but we also had several new members.  I also got to teach our youngest member, Casey, who is only nine, to do a bullion stitch. Casey has been crocheting for awhile and is fast becoming very proficient. Not only did Casey learn to do a bullion, she had very recently mastered Tunisian Crochet and was already creating her own flowers in the method -(fair warning -  move over all designers, Casey is in the wings waiting to burst on the scene). 

In addition to teaching the bullion stitch, I helped Mary Ann finish her lovely capelet, which she so graciously modeled for me

The album above, shows some highlights of our meeting.

I am off to my regular Monday morning class, have a great day everyone.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Handy Hint for covering a stain

Hi all,

We were discussing embellishing existing articles on the Free Form List, that I belong to, and it reminded me of a wonderful story that I had about this very idea.  I have worked with making simple mesh garments, then embellishing them, but I had forgotten about my silk jacket.  I was deciding what to wear to the guild meeting tomorrow, and because it is near to St Patrick's day, I thought of this jacket.  It is a bright emerald green and perfect for the occasion.  I was wearing it out to dinner one evening, and I literally dumped my salad bowl into my lap.  I rushed it to the cleaners the next morning, but no help for removing the considerable stain that the salad dressing had left.   Not willing to toss a perfectly good jacket, that I loved, I bought some black ribbon, and crocheted flowers and leaves and covered the stain.  I then added some more applique to the shoulder, to sort of balance it out.  I still love the jacket, and get many compliments when I wear it.


Power of the Internet

Hi everyone,

I know that I have to find a new  word, besides amazing, to describe the power of the Internet.  I am constantly in awe of this great tool available for our use.  When I think that 5 short years ago, I refused to have a computer in my home.  I felt that I would never learn the technology, and that I would never use it.  I have never been so wrong about anything! 

Now, thanks to my son's insistence, I am in business, with my own Web page margarethubertoriginals, and wonders never cease, thanks to Dee  CrochetwithDee my own Blog. 

This fact was brought home to me,  yet again,  this morning.  I am in the process of trying to develop new workshop proposals, and I sent a post to a knit list asking for some input on what classes would be welcomed by students.  Within a very short period of time, I had some very excellent suggestions.  I have started a file on the responses and hope to develop some great new workshops in the next few months.  Thank you all who took the time to respond.

My next step is to write to the crochet lists.  If anyone has any ideas that they would like to share with me, please let me know.

Have a great weekend


Friday, March 10, 2006

getting published

Hi all,

Just this morning I mailed off signed copies of a contract to do another book for Creative Publishers International. 

I was working on a very simple project one night, all I needed was one or two ideas and sketches.  Before I knew it, ideas were pouring out of me, something like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine.  I became so totally engrossed in what I was doing, and before I knew it, I had 10 sketches and swatches done.  Of course, I thought each one was wonderful, and thought maybe I had created something special. The very next day, I contacted the senior editor at CPI, and she wanted to see what I had done.  Well she thought it wonderful too, hence the contract.  This will be the fifth book that I will be doing for CPI. 

Sometime at the end of May or beginning of June, two of the books that I have completed for CPI will be out.    The books are HOOKED BAGS and HOOKED HATS.  You can have a sneak peek and even order them on  Each book contains about 20 projects, easy enough for a beginner, yet challenging enough for a more experienced crocheter. A wide range of wonderful yarns are used, making the designs colorful and fun. 

You will be hearing more news from time to time on the other books, and on my other published designs. 

No matter how many designs I do, no matter how complex or easy, every time I see one of my things in print, I still get excited about it.  I love what I do, and feel so blessed that I can still do it.

Have a great day





Thursday, March 9, 2006

Seamless Crochet Join

I have had a few requests to try showing this join in pictures.  They are not terrific but I hope that you can get the idea.  This join is wonderful for ending the last row of crochet on edgings, especially nice on granny squares. 


Wednesday, March 8, 2006

A first for me


Good Morning all,

My father always told me that "we should learn something new and do a good deed every day".  After giving me this bit of advice, he would always add, "and if you do it early in the day, you could rest for the remainder of the day". 

Yesterday was an amazing day.  Not only did I have the opportunity to do several good deeds, but most amazing is what I learned.  I received an e-mail from Marilyn, who had recently purchased my entrelac pattern, and  was having trouble getting past the first row.  We exchanged several e-mails and were making some progress, but it was frustrating for me, (and for Marilyn too, I am sure).  I thought if Dee, crochetwithdee, could teach me to set up a blog by e-mailing me instructions, why couldn't I do the same for Marilyn?  I remembered that I had some photos of entrelac sections in my class file, so I sent them to Marilyn.  Through the course of the evening, several e-mails and photos later (Marilyn also sent me photos of her progress), I received a message from Marilyn  - - along with a photo of two completed sections --"Margaret, I do believe I have it :-).  Have a good night."

Wow, I had just successfully completed my first ever, on line, one on one, crochet lesson.  To me, a monumental feat, a real learning experience, and I did have a good night.


Tuesday, March 7, 2006

More good news

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I received a contract in the mail to do another book.  I am really excited about this, as it will be the fifth in a series that I have done for Creative Publishers International.  You can see the first two, being released in June, on  They are HOOKED BAGS and HOOKED HATS.  While you are on amazon, check out NEW IDEAS FOR TODAY'S CROCHET, by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss.  There are a few of my designs in this book and one is on the cover, bottom left corner (not the bathing suit, which is spectacular).  I am also in the process of working out the details for another booklet.  I love being so busy. 

Of course my upcoming trip to England, April 30 to May 10th, is shaping up to be an exciting time.  I will be going to Morcambe, England to attend workshops and festivities designed to bring Crochet back to Morcambe.  Pauline Turner is the force putting this event together.  Pauline calls it "Expect the Unexpected".  After the conference, I will be heading to Wales, to visit my friend Brenda, for a few days. 

Because of my traveling, a family wedding, and holidays, my Spring teaching schedule is lighter than usual, but I will be teaching April 21 - 23 for the Big Apple Knitting Guild in NYC,  May 20th for the NYC Crochet Guild, June 3rd and 4th at the Yarn and Craft Box in Pawling, NY.  I still do a weekly crochet class every Monday morning at the Yarn and Craft Box.  Believe it or not, I already have a few bookings for Sept and Oct. 

I am planning on attending Chain Link in King of Prussia, PA in July, and Stitches Midwest in Rosemont, Il in Aug.

Have a great day




Saturday, March 4, 2006

The amazing power of the Internet

A little over a week ago Dee of,  CrochetwithDee, took a class with me on Entrelac Crochet.  She mentioned it in her blog, and on Crochet Partners List.  My orders for these patterns have quadrupled over the last week.   I feel sure that is was because of Dee's mention.  Thank you Dee.  It just goes to show, what a powerful tool the Internet is.  It certainly has opened up my world in a most marverlous way. 

Today, I started  working on a "scrumble" to add to our group garment that will be shown at Chain Link coming up this July.  About 75 of us from a Free Form List, are all making a small piece, we are sending the pieces to Prudence Mapstone , who  will be assembling all the pieces into one magnificent garment.  Prudence has taken on this monumental task.  We voted on a color way, and Prudence reports that some of the pieces have already arrived at her home. 

Have a great weekend everybody



Thursday, March 2, 2006

Very Exciting News


Hi all,

We are in the middle of a snow storm in the North East, and so I find myself stuck in the house, with appointments cancelled etc, getting a really slow start to the day, feeling so lazy,  when I decide to check my e-mail. 

And what do I see but an e-mail subject line that states "Knit n Cruise".  This line jumped out at me because a very short time ago, I was asked if I would consider  teaching  on a cruise, sponsored by Creative Knitting Magazine in 2007.    Of course I said YES.  Well -- in my mail this morning was a invitation to teach.  They wanted class descriptions, my bio, the whole bit, and they needed it immediately.  Of course I sent it all right away and was rewarded with a phone call telling me all the details.  I cannot believe it, but next April (2007) I will be teaching on this cruise.  I do not have all the details as yet, but you can be sure that I will be talking about this more as time goes by.  I do know that the date is April 22 to 29, 2007.  It will be on the Royal Carribean Line and that I will be teaching Free Form Knitting. 

Have a great day



Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Everything Old is New Again

The Monday morning class was, as usual, fun for me.  The surprise was that both students were working on Granny Squares.  Robert returned, with the most beautiful squares which he made using Paton's Grace yarn in luscious colors.  The squares were so delicate and perfect for the tops that he was designing for 3 yr old twins.  Dee, documented last Monday's  class on her blog.

The second student,  came in with The Needlecraft Shop's book, 101 GRANNY SQUARES, edited by Carol Alexander.  I was thrilled to see it, as I have two garments in this book, but the item that she wanted to make, was not mine.  It was the darling little girl's dress called "Purple Princess". 

Square by square knitting or crocheting is a perennial favorite.  Most people, when hearing "granny squares"  think of the classic square and that is fine, but there are so many wonderful ways to approach this concept.  I do a workshop, in either knitting or crocheting, or a combination of both, that I call Spectacular Squares.  My squares are far from traditional, and sometimes not even square, but really fun to do.  A combination of stitches and wonderful yarns make them truly spectacular, and the items created by these squares even more so.  This workshop is  turning out to be one of my most popular. Scroll down to my first entry, the poncho that I am wearing is created with squares. 

I'll be doing this workshop in Avon Ct at the Ewephoric Weekend, hosted by The Wool Connection.  Any one in the CT area might be interested in checking out this fun weekend.

Have a great day