Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This and That

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that the holidays were happy ones
for all, lots of family, friends and good food.
My weekend was filled with all of the above.

I am doing two workshops this weekend at
and I am trying to get ready for them.

I am also preparing for my upcoming workshops at Squam
Lake, NH
I am excited by the Squam Lake workshops as this will be
a first time for me, and the setting looks absolutely beautiful.
Check out their web page for the list of classes and the
great line up of teachers. Hope to see some of you there.

On another note, I did it, I signed onto Twitter. I had
reservations about adding another thing to my already
very busy life, but my son convinced me that "I just had
to part of it all". Of course he was right, it is a lot
of fun, very informative, and a very easy way to keep
track of what is going on all around us. I just have to
either get up an hour earlier, or go to bed an hour later
to fit it all in.

Have a great day


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Good Morning Everyone,

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all.

I finally finished my latest book after adding new things for 3 weeks
in a row, and I started the new one. I put everything
away for a few days and plan to spend the weekend
enjoying time with my family.

As you know, I love to see things that you make from
my patterns. Diane, a member of the Happily Hooked
on Crochet chapter of CGOA, gave me permission to share
the bag that she just completed. It is the cover bag from
has definitely put her own stamp on it. I love what
you did Diane, it is gorgeous.

Enjoy the weekend


(sorry, I could not figure out how to make the photos

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I barely finished my latest book, not due to be
released until end of year, and I found out
yesterday that it is already on,
available for pre-order. I had been keeping it
under wraps, not wanting to talk about it until closer to the release
date, but I got the ok to talk about it all I want :-). In case you
did not notice, I am really excited about this book, it was a
huge undertaking.

It is not just a book of stitches, although that is included. I have tried to include some really unusual stitches in addition to the basics. Bullions, double sided crochet, Limpet Stitches, all manner of interesting things. There are tips on
finishing, inset pockets, zippers, set in sleeves, button bands and much more.

Also included are several chapters on special techniques such as Bruges Lace, Hairpin Lace, Broomstick lace, free form crochet, Intermeshing, Tunisian Intarsia, Polish Star, Entrelac Tunisian and Overlay Crochet. I have asked designers who specialize in these techniques to contribute items, designers who will be instantly recognizable to you. There will be a history of crochet, a gallery of stunning items, included for their beauty, and photos of some wonderful antique items.

Just a note, the cover shown on amazon will not be the
actual cover. They needed to do a dummy cover for promotion, so the cover will be changed before actual printing.

I don't want to wish away the rest of the year, but I cannot wait to see this one in print.

Enjoy the rest of the day, its beautiful and sunny here in New York.