Monday, February 18, 2013


Hi Everyone,

 Marie Stewart owner of The Yarn Box in Pawing, New York, and Erlinda Brennan, representative from Cascade Yarns, hosted a "yarn tasting" at the shop on Saturday.
Marlea Willis was a huge help to Marie in putting this event together, and along with Marlea a lot of other friends helped Marie manage things on Saturday.

I had never been to a yarn tasting and had no clue as to what to expect, but it was really great fun. There were two huge tables filled with yarn, and all were invited to "taste" the yarn. Everyone's hooks and needles were trying out, or they were just "petting" all the lovely yarns. 

In addition to playing with all the great yarns, there was good food, door prizes and lots of fun, oh and I forgot to mention all Cascade Yarn was offered at a discount. 

About eighty women attended and a great time was had by all, and everyone was asking Marie when the next one would be.

Marie and Erlinda with some of the lovely samples made with Cascade Yarn.

                              Some of the early birds getting a head start on the festivities

Shop is starting to crowd up, where are we going to put everyone???

By the end of the day, everyone left, feeling very happy, full of good food, bags of yarn in hand, door prizes in hand, and Marie and Erlinda very tired, but happy too.

Have a great day