Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Madness

October started off with a long drive to Concord, North Carolina to attend the Knit/Crochet Conference. We (Nancy and I) decided to drive because we had so much stuff to carry. Well, I had so much to carry, Nancy traveled a little lighter than me, and did most of the driving.

I was teaching four classes and doing some book signings, so I had a really busy week ahead.
The conference was a huge success, and we had lots of fun.

 One of the highlights of the Conference was Rita Weiss' induction into the Jean Leinhauser Crochet Hall of Fame.  I was last years inductee, and loved that Rita was chosen. We are two of the remaining members of "The Old Broads Club". Jean being the first inductee and founder of the "club".

 I had a few funny things happen during the week, but my favorite moment happened in my Free Form class. We got on the discussion of color, and I was telling the story of a student, that I had years ago, who came into class with all black yarn. I tried to discourage her from using black. But she was determined. Her finished bag was absolutely gorgeous and won all kinds of accolades, ending up in The Lacis Museum of Textiles Fibre Exhibit.  I saw a hand go up, and one of the students said "that was me, Margaret".  You could have blown me over with a feather! Good thing that I was saying all  nice things. I had seen Janet the night before and we said hello, but I honestly did not remember that she was  the student who I had tried to discourage. You can be sure that I will not forget Janet again :-)

Me and one of my favorite people, Barbara Hillery Van Elsen. Not many people know that Barbara is the reason that I am even teaching at conferences. Barbara "met" me on line quite a few years ago. Barbara was then president of the New York City Crochet Guild, and she invited me to teach at their retreat weekend. I was fairly new to the Internet, and even though I had written a few books and designed for magazines, I had only taught locally. I did not even know about guilds, retreats and conferences. Barbara opened doors that I did not even know were there, so a great big "Thank You" to Barbara.

Me in the middle, Randy Berne Cavaliere and husband Tony, having more fun at the conference.  Tony was such a good sport, almost always being surrounded by tons of women with hooks and needles in hand.

Much more to come on conference and other October events, but out of time now.

Have a great day.