Monday, March 31, 2008

Re: Re Margaret Hubert again

                                                                           Subject: Re: Re Margaret Hubert

                                                                             Just when I said nothing interesting
                                                                             has been going on, I received an
                                                                             e-mail from Stefanie Girard, asking
                                                                             me to list 10 things that I have
                                                                             done that probably no one else has
                                                                              done.  It was fun to do.
                                                                             You can see my list by clicking the
                                                                             link below.


Stefanie Girard
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Re: Re Margaret Hubert again


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Sunday

                                               Good morning Everyone,

                                               I had a wonderful e-mail from my friend and
                                               fellow free former, Prudence Mapstone
                                               awhile ago.  Actually Prudence sent this e-mail
                                               before my accident, and unfortunately, it got
                                               put aside.

                                               It seems a fan of mine, Geraldine McGovern,
                                               from Australia, wore a capelet that she made
                                               from my book FUN WITH FREE FORM
                                               (available at Annie's Attic or my web page) to
                                               Textile Arts Association Meeting.  Prudence
                                               took pictures of Geraldine and sent them to
                                               me.  Geraldine used a yarn called On-Line
                                               Clip instead of the Berroco Glace, that I used,
                                               but her capelet looks terrific.  Great job
                                               Geraldine, thanks for sharing.


                                                                Have a great day!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Days

                                                Good Morning Everyone,

                                                I am feeling so much better, just about back
                                                to my old self.  I have returned to my weekly
                                                teaching class, and I plan to go to Texas next
                                                week to teach at the Dallas/Fort Worth Fiber

                                                I have not had anything new to report on
                                                fiber adventures in the past month, but
                                                hopefully that will change soon. 

                                                I did manage to finish my latest book,
                                                (contents still under wraps) and will be
                                                mailing off the final 2 projects on Monday.

                                               KNITS FOR MEN will be in the bookstores
                                               June 1st, and is already on
                                               for pre-order.  This book is a departure for
                                               me, as I never did a whole book devoted to
                                               men's knits, but I had such fun doing it.
                                               I interviewed lots of men, friends, relatives,
                                               perfect strangers, asking them what they
                                               liked, or did not like, about sweaters.  I
                                               listened to what they said, and tried to
                                               include something for every one's taste.


                                               I will be teaching at both CGOA/TKGA
                                               conferences in New Hampshire this summer,
                                               and Portland, Oregon in the fall.

                                               Looking forward to meeting some of you at
                                                these events.

                                              Have a great day.


Friday, March 14, 2008

My Disappearing Act

                                            Hi Everyone,

                                            I have not been posting to my blog for awhile
                                            as I slipped on the ice almost 2 weeks ago.
                                            I ended up in the hospital with a fractured
                                            vertibrae, and a few other injuries, I had
                                           surgery, now I am at home recuperating.  I am
                                           trying to get well in a hurry as I am teaching
                                           at the Dallas/Fort Worth Fiber Fest in a few
                                              weeks .  Doctor assures me that I will be fine
                                            by   then,   with a little bit of luck I will be there.

                                            Have a great day.