Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Good Morning all,

It occurred to me last night, that I have not mentioned my Free Form Knitting and Free Form Crochet Videos in a long while.  Since there has been a huge renewal of interest in Free Form, and it is one of my most popular workshops, I thought I would remind you about them.  In fact, I am doing a workshop in FINISHING YOUR FREE FORM PIECES at Knitting Central in Wesport CT on Sept 10.  For information  contact sallypequot@yahoo.com  

The videos are  now available in DVD format.  They can be ordered at www.margarethuberoriginals.com , but the DVD's are not listed as yet, so you will have to write a note requesting that format.  Same content, same price.  They both come with a booklet that has all the stitches shown on the video, plus a few other items.

I also have two booklets on Free Form Crochet, published by Annie's Attic and available at www.anniesattic.com, www.amazon.com ,  or you can get them directly from me. 

Now the silly stuff.   I live in a very wooded area.  I love it here most of the time.  Lately we have been plagued with deer eating every single flower and plant around.  A family, mother and two fawns, have moved into my yard, and they are not even one bit afraid of me.  I can walk right up to them, shout "go away" and they laugh (If you could see their faces you would agree).  Finally, I am the one to leave. 

As if the deer were not enough, we also have a bear family.  Because of the bears, (and I am afraid of them), we are not allowed to put out bird feeders any more.  Watching the birds feed in the morning is a great pleasure for me.  With my flowers all eaten and my birds gone, it seemed that my tranquil little piece of heaven was taken away from me.  I am not even mentioning the little chipmunks,rabbits, squirrels and all other little critters that eat what the deer leave behind.

If you remember, yesterday when I could not get home because of the fallen tree, I went back to The Yarn and Craft Box in Pawling.  Several women were gathering for the Monday afternoon knitting class, that Marie Stewart conducts.  I cannot remember what brought the subject up, but soon I was voicing my displeasure with the animals for "invading my space and making living in the woods no fun any more".  Well Marie, really burst out laughing, reminding me that I was the one invading their space, not the other way around.  Well, she is right of course, and I guess I never gave it a lot of thought.  We could get into really deep discussions here about invading other's spaces, but I won't go there.  So I have decided that if I want to live here, with all the trees and the lake and the quiet, and not in a city, I will try to find plants that the deer do not like to eat (although no one bothers to ask the deer), and wait till the bears hibernate or leave for other parts before feeding the birds. 

Have a lovely day


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