Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blog for a Snowy Day

Hi Everyone,

I have been a little busy and procrastinating about blogging for weeks now, but being snowed in yet again, has given me a some motivation. I started out the day doing a little (very little) housework, wrapped a few gifts, finally put away the Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations, did a little work on phase three of current book, baked two batches of biscotti, knit on current project for 1 hour, now on to blog.

My fall was filled with workshops and conferences, and I had such fun. Students have been sending me photos of their work and I love seeing them.  It makes me feel wonderful - so - in no special order, I would like to share some of the photos with you.

This is precious little Scarlett, wearing the jumper from my newest book, GRANNY SQUARE FLOWERS, The yarn is Red Heart Luster Sheen, and Scarlett's Grandma presented her with the jumper.

I was invited to do a Free Form workshop at Country Yarns, in Wallingford, CT.  Lovely, charming shop, and most enthusiastic students. We had a wonderful time and we were fed a fabulous lunch.

 Lauren, owner of Country Yarns, trying to relax after a busy day, believe it or not, she is winding a ball of yarn, see the swift mounted on the side of the shelves. The sweater on the Right is my new design in Lucci Yarn.
The bags that the attendees were working on were turning out to be works of art. It was an all day workshop and we were running late. Everyone was having such a good time, but they had to get moving. Most were all packed up and gone, before I remembered that I wanted to take some pics, so I only got a few. The lovely lady, with the beautiful bag in the back (whose head I cut off) is Linda Ruth Tosetti. She is granddaughter of the late, great, Babe Ruth.  Meeting her was one of the high lights of my day. She gave me photos of Babe, for all my grandchildren.  For my NY group he was pictured in Yankee Pinstripes and for my MA group he was in Boston Uniform. Such fun, the kids loved the photos and all were autographed by Linda. Others in this photo, Brenda, left front, and Chris.

Linda sent me a photo of her finished bag, isn't it just gorgeous?

                                          Karen and Joy, sharing their beautiful work

In this photo Rachel (far right) was my helper for the day, thats Janey (center)

                             Below are some photos from Stitches East in Hartford, Ct.

Marly Bird, me and Drew Emborsky (the Crochet Dude).

Me, book signing at The Elegant Ewe Booth. I am totally Grannied out, Granny sweater, Granny cookies, Granny Shoes, what fun!

                                                            Drew Emborsky and Me

Did a quick change, left Granny behind, I'm at Country Yarns booth, showing off my 2 patterns in Lucci Yarns, the blue one is Knitted, the Toast color one is crocheted.

That's all for today, hope you enjoyed the pics, I'll have to leave some of the others for another day.

Happy Holidays to all and a very Happy, healthy New year.