Sunday, October 31, 2010


Good Morning Everyone,

I had a fantastic day yesterday. Spent the beautiful, crisp fall day, driving to Connecticut to attend the fantastic Stitches East event. My friend Carol (who also volunteered at the Warm Up America Booth), drove, so I was able to relax and enjoy the ride.

So many people, huge variety of vendors, yarn, yarn and more yarn. I went to do a book signing and to volunteer at the Warm Up America booth, so my time was limited. Meeting so many old friends, and making lots of new friends is always so special (hugs, hugs and more hugs). I was able to have a few hours and a quick lunch with my dear friend Myra Wood. Myra is a walking inspiration to knitters and crocheters. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me when I met Myra, but Myra looked sensational in one of her embellished knit tops. They do not encourage photo taking at Stitches, but I was able to take a few at The Elegant Ewe Booth (with Marci's permission). I had the delightful experience of meeting Stitchy McYarnpants a.k.a Debbie Brisson and her co-author, Caro Sheridan

They were there signing their new book KNITTING IT OLD SCHOOL. Such fun meeting both of them (first photo, that's Debbie on the left, me and Caro).

Met so many old friends, too numerous to name everyone, met some friends previously known only on the internet, re-connected with friends recently made in NH at Chain Link, such a great day, my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much.

I was so tired by day's end, and really started to wilt by the time we got home, but what a great day, I loved every minute of it.

Enjoy Halloween Everyone


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Morning Everyone,

Finally beginning to see the light after a very busy month. Mailed out two projects on Friday, one more yesterday, and one going in the mail today. One more (almost done) hopefully out tomorrow. I will then be able to concentrate totally on the new book. I love being busy, but the past two weeks have been a little over the top of "busy", and I am glad that they are behind me.

On Sat, Oct 30, I will be at Stitches East in Hartford, CT doing a book signing at the Elegant Ewe booth. If you are in the area, stop by and say "hi".

Two weeks ago, I attended a family gathering and one of my nieces told me that she would really like to get back into crocheting (she had learned many years ago). She needed something to do, to help her relax. I happened to have a scarf with me, that I had just started on the drive to the gathering. I went out to the car and brought it in. Right in the middle of all the fun going on around us, I gave Mary Anne a brush up lesson. Before long her sister, Anita, was looking over our shoulder, becoming very fascinated with the whole thing. I sent Mary Anne home with my hook and yarn, next day mailed her another skein, and about a week later she sent me photos of herself wearing the scarf AND a matching hat. "Way to go" Mary Anne. A few days later Anita called to thank me, Mary Anne was teaching her also. Any day now I expect to get photos from Anita too. Each one teach two, that's the motto of The Crochet Guild of America. So proud of my nieces.

Have a great day


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Apple Knitters Guild

Happy Sunday Everyone.,

I had a lovely day yesterday, attending the Big Apple Knitting Guild's annual luncheon in NYC.
What a great event it was. A huge crowd gathered in a lovely restaurant right in midtown Manhattan for lots of fiber fun, greeting friends, great food and wonderful guest speakers.

Iris and Elliot Schreier of Artyarns, gave a wonderful presentation of their yarns and a fashion show of some of their items. All volunteers for the fashion show got a fabulous skein of yarn as thanks, mine was a scrumptious skein of Silk Rhapsody, 50% silk, 50% kid mohair, and it is so very soft, cannot wait to try it. Every item that Iris presented was greeted with such enthusiasm, each one more beautiful than the one before it.

In addition to the Artyarns fashion show, members had the opportunity to have their own fashion show. The fashions were so outstanding that Iris had a hard job picking a winner. She first narrowed it down to 7, then could not decide between the top 3, so lots of prizes were given out. My camera is not the best at distance at all, but I managed to get some photos.
The first one is of me, modeling one of Artyarns popular "little" pieces, easy to make and fun to wear. The next 3 photos are from the members fashion show, next is a photo of Marie Stewart, owner of the Yarn Box, in Pawling, NY and her sister Frances, who often helps out in the shop. (my local yarn shop, and many of the Big Apple Knitters visit the shop often). In the last photo, you can see Iris, to the left in back, trying to organize the fashion show. Sorry I did not get a better photo of Iris and Elliot, but the ones I took were so dark, they just didn't work.

There was a huge list of vendors who contributed gifts for the event, and every attendee got a door prize. Mine was a whole bag of Ethno Yarn, 85% wool, 15% Nylon, and a pair of Tulip bamboo knitting needles. This is a cuddly, poodle type yarn that will make a great jacket. In addition there was a goody bag at each seat, that contained more yarn and books. Sure did feel like Christmas. Thanks Raye Schwartz, president of BAKG. Special accolades to Helene Young, chairperson, and her committee, Gladys Melchior,Rosa Gentile and Janet Kelly! Brilliant job Big Apple Knitters.

Have a wonderful day