Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hi Everyone,

While we were in New Zealand we helped Prudence make some scrumbles
for the Pink Project. For those of you who do not know, Prudence Mapstone
Has been collecting scrumbles (small pieces of crochet/knit, each a work of art in themselves) from people all over the world and assembling them
into beautiful Free Form items. The items will soon be auctioned off, all the money going to
cancer research. Such a great cause, and the items are truly works of art.

The shawl is just about completed and you can see how many more scrumbles we made to add to Prudences' ever growing amount.

Have a great evening


New Blog Woes

Good Morning Everyone,

I am still experiencing difficulty with the new blog, but I am working on it.
Not sure how to do much here yet, just trying out posting for now.

I have started working on another new book. Way too early to talk about
it yet, but as usual, I am excited about another new project in the works.

I hop that you are enjoying the fall weather we are having in the North East right
now. Quite cool this morning, but a beautiful sun shiny day. Have a great one!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi Everyone,.

I think that we have the problem solved and I am able to post to the new blog.
If this works, I will start posting tomorrow.

Have a great evening


Thursday, October 16, 2008

NZ final days

Good Morning Everyone,

I am going to make this the final entry on New Zealand, then
I am going to try to move my blog.  I do not know yet what
this means and how you can find me again.  Dee tells me
that the title, MY HOOKS AND NEEDLES is taken already, so I am

I will post on various lists when the move is complete. You
can always write to me at

Our days in NZ are coming to an end, but we still have
some fun in store. 

We visited the Te Puia thermal village which is located
close to central Rotorua.  In addition we attended a
Maori Cultural Show.

Soon we will board the coach for our final journey to
Aukland, via Tauranga, and our final chance to shop.
We take a short ferry trip across to Auckland's North
Shore to visit the historical maritime village of
Devonport.  Time to get that last ball of merino
at Wild & Wooly, check out the vintage bookshops, have
lunch.  We are all tired and happy, ready for our journey
home, but sad to leave New Zealand and all our new

All the yellow color that you see in the rocks is sulphur.
At certain times, the sulphur smell is very strong.

This is the Maori king welcoming us to his village.
We had to have someone from our group volunteer
to represent us and be our "king" in order to take
part in the welcoming ceremony.  It is taken very
seriously, and we are cautioned not to talk or laugh
during the ceremony.

The Maori are great weavers and carvers

Enjoying the sunshine and working on the Pink
Project, trying to finish up the last scrumbles.

What's a girl to do when she forgets her knitting
needles?  Why knit with her pens of course.

Our last trip as a group, a tour of Auckland and
visit to Devonport.

Geraldine, me and Tom

Me, Jane, Phyllis and Prudence

Judy, me, Lynn and Sheryl

Hope to see everyone on my new blog.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Two More great stops in NZ

Hi Everyone,

On this day we visited the Agrodome to watch their
famous sheep and sheep dog show. 

I was amazed at how big the sheep were and how
calm they were.

All the different sheep and the grade of their wool.
The finest merino being the top of the group.

That's my friend Phyllis up center stage.  She
volunteered to feed a baby lamb.

Sheryl, trying out the spinning wheel.

The next day we visited the town of Tauranga and Majacraft,
 spinning wheel manufacturers.  We met with a group of local
knitters and spinners, who greeted us with a lovely
morning tea, and made us feel like visiting royalty.

Some of the Knitters and Spinners who hosted us.

That's all for now,  Enjoy the rest of the day.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Good Morning Everyone,

Back home once again from my long weekend.  I feel as if I
have been away from home forever.  I did have a lovely
weekend though.  I got to meet and hold the new baby,
what fun that is.   We had the most gorgeous weather
the entire time.  Bright sunshine, leaves turning color,
warm temperatures, and surrounded by family, what
could be better?

Back to NZ - The next day we visited the oldest firm of
loom makers in the world.  It was here that the cloth
for the capes and tunics  for the Lord of
the Rings movie and for other movies like Narnia, was spun.

We were treated to demonstrations on how the
cloth was still made to this day. 

As we entered the building, a huge wardrobe was
in front of us.

The doors opened, and we entered into a
different world!  We were treated to a
demonstration of how the cloth was spun
on the very old looms. 

Then we stepped from the old world of the factory to
the beautiful showroom, which housed all the
wonderful finished products.  Shawls, hats,
socks, sweaters, scarves. capes etc.

On our bus trips from place to place, we
were treated to the most magnificent views,
stops in quaint little towns for lunch or tea,
and plenty of shopping opportunities.

The weather was mostly crisp and clear, but
cool.  Here I am on the bus, wrapped in my
friend Lynn's felted throw.  Lynn worked so
hard to finish it  on the trip, I was honored
when she offered to let me use it.  It was so
warm and cozy in additional to be so beautiful.

I took over 300 photos on the trip.  I
promise I won't try to post all of them.
I do still have a few more that I would
like to share though.

Have a great day!


Friday, October 10, 2008

NZ workshops etc

Hi Everyone,

While the woman in our group continued to work on
our Free Form Projects, Stephen,
Tom and Marc went trout fishing.  They arrived
home with two huge trout. 
I am not a fish lover, and most who
know me well, know that I am also a very picky eater,
but even I could
appreciate the gorgeous presentation
of their "catch" at dinner
the next evening.

The next morning we board the bus again for our trip to
Wellington where we will attend the World of Wearable
Art Extravaganza.  This was truly one of the most
amazing things that I have ever attended.  They
did not allow photos inside.  It was non stop
entertainment, no intermission, for two + hours.  There
was lots of fun going on outside too, but I did not take my
camera as I knew photos were not allowed.  Others took
lots of pictures and hopefully will send me some.  Meanwhile
check out their website for some views of present and past

On the way, we were treated to sights of the magnificent
snow capped mountains.  Our bus driver told us it
is rare to see them so clearly as they are often covered
in mists.

I am off again for the weekend to attend the
Christening of our family's newest member -
my first great-grandchild, a little boy named Joshua.

 More on NZ when I get back.

Have a great holiday weekend!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

NEW ZEALAND Days 3 and 4

Hi All,

I'll continue on our trip.  After our visit to the Falls and the
Craters of the Moon, we finally made our way into Taupo.
Taupo was our beautiful base for the next 3 days of workshops,
Free Forming with Prudence.
 Our rooms were large and comfortable, we
even had a suite, with a kitchen and a fireplace in the living room.
It was really cool, so the fire felt great.

More at Craters of the Moon

Geraldine, me, Lynn and Sheryl

We begin our workshop, The picture is not great
but you can see the lovely view from our windows.
We are overlooking Lake Taupo, which is the
largest lake in New Zealand.  The water is a lovely,
vibrant blue,green which does not show in my photo.
What a wonderful place to have a workshop.

The furniture was so big, I felt as if I wandered into
a giant's house.

We all wanted to learn Prudence's little spiral, That's
Prudence's on the right, mine on top. Pam's left.  We're
not quite up to Prudence (yet)!

Me and Pam

Stephen, me and Prudence, first day in Taupo.

Lots more to come.