Thursday, June 16, 2011

It has been a long while since I wrote a blog post, life has a habit of getting in the way. Some things that we think are very important, take over and we let them consume us. Yesterday, I opened my email to the sad news that Jean Leinhauser had unexpectedly passed away. So many emotions flashed through my mind. I could not believe this news, it was not registering in my brain. This cannot be true, didn't I just get an email from Jean 2 days ago? When Jean's great friend and business partner, Rita Weiss confirmed Jean's death, I was devastated.

I cannot remember the year that I actually met Jean, but I remember the meeting. I introduced myself, so happy to finally meet her, and she took my hand and said "Margaret, I know who you are". I was so blown away by this that I was speechless. A few years ago, Jean and Rita presented me with a sparkly, rhinestone pin that says "Old Broads Rule" and officially inducted me into the OBC (Old broads club). It has been a running joke and great fun at conferences when we wear our pins.

Jean was to be honored next month at the Crochet Conference in Minnesota for being voted in as the first member of the Crochet Hall of Fame. Her lifelong achievements in designing and publishing are so numerous that it would take a book to list all her books. Now in addition to honoring Jean, all of us will be remembering her and all the great things that she accomplished, and what a great friend she was.

Jean was a legend in the world of crochet and she will be sorely missed. So many wonderful things have been written about Jean, she touched so many lives, I for one will feel her presence every time I attend a conference. I know that she will be with us and making sure that I am wearing my pin, and encouraging all the OBIT's (Old Broad's in Training) to keep on trying for excellence in their work, and to keep on submitting their designs.

We'll miss you Jean.


Photo - Rita Weiss, Me, and Jerry R (from Texas Chapter) surrounding Jean.