Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Morning Everyone,

Its been a while between posts, but being it is still National Crochet Month, I thought I would get something done.  Been kind of hectic and a bug laid me low for over a week, just beginning to feel better.

Our meeting of the Happily Hooked on Crochet Guild in CT. was such fun this month, lots of show and tell and a special exhibit on crochet doilies. Our meetings are held in the Danbury Library, and the Library has a showcase for special events, this month it was crochet. Everything is behind glass so photography is a little tricky.

Some of the show and tell items

Anna has singlehandedly made so many blankets for donations to charity that I have lost count. Great work Anna.

Ruth is another crocheter constantly working for charitable organizations, great work Ruth.

Fluffy shared how she made her great granny bag, thanks so much Fluffy.

I Just love it when readers send me photos of things that they made from my books or magazines. This week I received a letter from Kathy, telling me that she made my sweater called
MY ANTONIA from RUNWAY CROCHET. This sweater is so dear to my heart, and named for one of the most favorite people in my life, so I was thrilled that Kathy loved it so much. In fact she told me that she loves it so much, she is going to make it again.

Beautiful photo, just love it! Thanks for sharing Kathy.

Have a great day everyone