Sunday, January 15, 2012


Good Morning Everyone,

Brrrr it is really cold this morning, 2 degrees here, but the sun is shining and no snow. I'm sorry for the skiers and the ski resorts, but I am truly loving not having to deal with snow.

I attended Vogue Knitting Live in New York City, yesterday. All I can say is WOW!!!

The energy in the market was electric. Two market floors filled with delights for every knitter and crocheter and you could feel the excitement in the air as crowds surrounded every booth. Vogue Knitting Live has been primarily a knitters show, but this year there was an effort to include lots for crocheters. I spotted Drew Emborsky, the Crochet Dude, conducting a crochet fashion show, and demonstrating at the Boye Booth. He was so busy, but he looked up long enough to say "hi". Doris Chan and I were invited by Knitty City to sign our respective crochet books. Pearl, Phyllis, Dana and all the staff at Knitty City were so delightful and even gave us a gift for being there. Vickie Howell stopped by to say "hello". I always love seeing Vickie's bright smile.

I did get to stop by the Lion Brand Booth. Patty Lyons and Zontee Hue always make everyone feel so welcome, then Zontee introduced me to the truly amazing AMAZING MAN, what fun! Lion Brand always has the most wonderful displays.

I did not get to shop too much but did buy a "much needed" skein or two of yummy yarn.

One of the highlights of my day was meeting Yvette again. Yvette spotted me while I was on a lunch break, came over to say "Hi" and introduced me to all her friends. I first met Yvette while attending CGOA in King of Prussia, PA, a few years ago. At that time, Yvette told me that she was a little upset with crochet designers for not designing more styles for plus sizes. Yvette did not know this till yesterday, but she was the inspiration for PLUS SIZE CROCHET. She was so bubbly and confident, had designed her own outfit for the fashion show, and was the belle of the ball. I went home from that conference so inspired, started to put together a proposal for a new book, which was accepted and a short time later published. Thank you Yvette.

The Book that I was there to sign was my newest THE GRANNY SQUARE BOOK, so in honor of the Granny Square, I baked some Granny Square cookies that I had seen on line. Mine were not as pretty and perfect as the on line ones, but everyone seemed to enjoy them.

All in all a really fun day.

The photos
1. The cookies
2. Me Doing my thing
3. Zontee with the Amazing Man
4. Mr Amazing again
5. Me with Dana from Knitty City
6. Yvette, me and Yolanda
7. Doris Chan and Me

Keep Warm and enjoy the rest of the day