Sunday, August 27, 2006

Workshops Etc

Hi Everyone,

It is a rainy, gloomy morning here, but the grass and trees are loving it, everything looks so green and lush. 

I was telling a friend about my Chicago area trip, and how Rosalie Johnston, President of the Northern ILL Chapter of CGOA, escorted me all over the place for two days.  I never would have seen and experienced all the sights if not for her.  My friend commented that this was about the 4th time that I had had the good fortune to be escorted around by someone who knew the area.  It started me thinking about how wonderful this has been, and how the Internet has stretched my world. 

When I first began teaching in venues that were quite a distance from my home, I rarely left the hotel.  I went from the airport, to the hotel, then back again.

Prudence Mapstone started it all, by volunteering her help on my trip to Australia, and what a great trip that was.  Besides attending the Fiber Forum in Geelong,  I visited Prudence in Brisbane,  and then we went to Melbourne and Sydney.  A trip of a lifetime.!  Just this past May, I went to London, and again, relied on Prudence to plan our days of sight seeing. 

 Next I went to CA, and Myra, gave me a tour of the Hollywood area.  Such fun, we did all the touristy things, and even got to visit several of the many yarn shops in the area.  On my next trip, this time  to the northern end of CA, Jorel, was my "tour guide", another fabulous trip.  We got to see the fabulous Artwear - Fashion and Anti Fashion exhibit at the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco Legion of Honor.  WOW, is all I can say about that.

In October, I am going to Austin, Texas to teach a workshop at Camp Crochet Texas, and Sharon Dyke, who has helped organize this event, has promised to show me some of that beautiful city. 

I am not only getting to teach in a lot of different venues, but I am really getting to see a little bit of the beautiful country that we live in, and a little bit of some other countries too.  For someone who never used to travel much, I seem to be getting around - what fun.

Have a great day



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