Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Chain Link 2012 photos

Good Morning Everyone,

I think that this will be my last post on Chain Link 2012.  Running into deadlines etc, no more time to play right now.  The conference was so much fun, and the photos will keep the memories alive for me.

My Free Form Combination Knit and Crochet Class is by far the most popular class that I teach.  The students are so enthusiastic and they come up with some great Projects.

Look at all the happy faces showing us their great projects.

Bavarian Crochet took some concentration but they all "got" it.

The Intermeshing class was really a challenge, but fun to learn.  James Walters taught me this stitch when I met him on a trip to Australia.  James gave me permission to develop a workshop in the US (as long as I told everyone that I learned it from him ;-). Thanks James. To see more of James work go to

Did you get it yet??

At PDD we were knitting scarves for charity. It was so cold in the room, Melissa Leapman was crocheting scarves so quickly, and wrapping them around herself to keep warm. That's KJ Hay, smiling for the camera.

Is that a knitting needle that I see :-)

So long to a another great conference, we are going to do it all again in September, in Reno, NV

Enjoy your weekend.


Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Here are a few more photos from the conference.

Me and Kathryn

Kathryn's Beautiful Bracelet

I was sitting at the Elegant Ewe booth, (Marci always invites me to do a book signing at her great booth) and a young woman came up to me and showed me a wonderful bracelet that she was wearing and that she had made. She thanked me for my book and said that she loved it. I told her that she must have had me mixed up with someone else, as I did not have anything like that in any of my books. She laughed and was surprised that I did not recognize that she used motifs from THE COMPLETE PHOTO GUIDE TO CROCHET.  I was so amazed that I asked if I could take a photo, Kathryn then took off her bracelet and presented it to me. I wore it for the rest of the conference, and got so many compliments. Thank you Kathryn, I love my bracelet. 

Kathryn is Kathryn Cortave of

Another high light of the book signing was sitting next to Doris Chan, My daughter loves Doris' work, and is fast becoming her # 1 fan. Victoria, a conference newbie, stopped by to chat.

                                                       Intermeshing Crochet Class

                                                     The finished bag, isn't it beautiful

More tomorrow, enjoy!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Good Morning Everyone,

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, were days filled with classes, book signings, visiting the market etc. I have a lot of photos, but not a lot of time, but I will post them all.  The Saturday Night festivities were truly the highlight of so many wonderful times. 

My son took a photo of Kimberly McAlindin presenting me with a beautiful handcrafted glass vase, with a plaque on the bottom stating that I had been inducted into the Jean Leinhauser CGOA Hall of Fame. I cannot even put my feelings into words, it was overwhelming.

 Following the great Jean Leinhauser into the Hall of Fame is a huge honor, and I was "almost" speechless.  I really did not think that I was going to be asked to speak, but I think that I managed to say "Thank You" several times. 

Bobbie Matela, Kathleen Sams and Me, my daughter in law had just presented me with a bouquet of flowers. It was so great having my family there.

After the ball was over, an "after party" took place in the hotel lounge, we are a fun loving group.  Marty Miller, Marcy Smith and Me, enjoying the fun.

Kimberly and Me.

Vashti, Diane Moyer and Me again.

My camera does not do well at the fashion show, but my son managed to get this photo of my long vest. the vest includes motifs from all the classes that I teach, and combines approximately 50 different yarns in shades of black, gold, bronze and many textures.

No more time today, still more photos to come.

Have a great day!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Returned home last night from a really fabulous Chain Link conference in Manchester, NH. What a wonderful time, my daughter and grand daughter attended also, that was a first for us.  I was honored at the banquet by my fellow crocheters, by being inducted into the CGOA, Jean Leinhauser Hall of Fame. What a highlight for me, what a night. It is going to take several blog posts to get it all in, so I will try to take it day by day.

We arrived Tuesday afternoon, and it was a fun afternoon of catching up with people that I had not seen all year, there was lots of hugging going on. We had a very brief meeting to prep us for Professional Development Day, then lots of lobby socializing going on.

Bright and Early, and I do mean early, the next morning, Professional Development day got into full swing. It was a day crammed full  of speaking, sharing information, a luncheon, more information, and a huge array of prizes raffled off. I was the last speaker, so by then, I was a little wilted, but I think all went well.  Some attendees looked a little dazed, but I am sure that they recovered quickly.

One of the first people that I spotted was Yvette. Yvette was my inspiration for my Plus Size Crochet Book, (which she is very happy to let everyone know :-), and Yvette is fast becoming my number one fan, she sings my praises to anyone who will listen! I love you too Yvette.

Yvette introduced me to some of her friends. (sorry no names, if you can identify them please let me know)

As you can see, the day was well attended by a large group, all eager to learn about the different ways to become a Crochet Professional. Some of the topics covered were designing, contract crocheting, tech editing, and self publishing.

Karen Ratto-Whooley and Marty Miller checking out their raffle tickets- I won Doris Chan's book, which my daughter quickly claimed for her own.

Some of my favorite people - and fellow chapter members.
Above, Nancy (center), Contract Crocheter extraordinaire and published designer, Deb (right) fellow chapter member, contract crocheter and budding designer, who always makes me smile.

Below - Anna (left), Andrea (seated), also contract crocheter  (sorry there are a few people who I just do not remember their names, if you can help me out, I will add their names.)

That's all for now, lots more photos to come.
Have a great day!