Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fun E-mails

Good Morning Everyone,

I received the nicest e-mail from a crochet friend that I met at the King of Prussia knit and crochet event.  Lucy Purchased my book, HOOKED BAGS,, and she is already having fun making some of the projects.  Lucy gave me permission to share her letter and photo with all of you.   

Dear Margaret:

I hope you will enjoy seeing the two bags I made from your book Hooked Bags.
You will recognize them as "Shopper's Net Tote" and "Not Net Tote Tagalong".
I made them for my son as a house-warming gift for his first house. I filled
them with treats that he can serve when his friends come to visit. Phil is
an avid environmentalist. I previously made him a plastic bag tote from
recycled bags, but I think your shopping bag has much more style. I know he
will use it often.

I had you sign my copy of your book at's fun to use. Thank


Thank you Lucy,

Have a great day


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