Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tim's Art Car

Hi Everyone,

A few days ago, on a another list that I belong to, we were discussing photos of ourselves, and if we liked or disliked them.  I remarked that I have hated the picture of myself, on my first book jacket, for thirty years.  One lister wrote back, that her favorite photo of me was the one above, taken with Tim Klein with his whimsical, yarn covered car.

Tim's car was the favorite discussion of many fiber lists, so on a whim, I wrote to him and told him that he was "the topic of the day", and that I loved his car.  He then told me that he was going to be in NY that summer, and invited me to see the car. He had visited my web site and he thought that our two "art forms" should meet. I jumped at the opportunity, enlisted a friend to come with me, and off we went.  What a fun day, Tim took us for a ride in the car, posed for pictures, told us all about his adventures, trial and error,  in creating the car, what yarn he used etc.  You can see in the picture, that Tim is in shorts, and I am in a heavy, free form jacket.  It was the middle of summer, but I had to have a picture of my jacket along with that fabulous car. 

My meeting with Tim, caused lots of fun "ripples".  It was just before my trip to Australia, to the Fiber Forum, so I brought the pictures along.  I met Jenny Dowde, author of Freeform Knitting and Crochet and contributing writer for TAFTA (the Australian Forum for the Textile Arts) magazine.  I had known Jenny through the Internet, but finally met her in person.  Jenny asked if she could write an article about Tim and our meeting.  I contacted Tim, he agreed, and we soon found ourselves on the pages of TAFTA.  After that we were written up in both our local papers.  Talk about fiber fun!

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