Saturday, March 4, 2006

The amazing power of the Internet

A little over a week ago Dee of,  CrochetwithDee, took a class with me on Entrelac Crochet.  She mentioned it in her blog, and on Crochet Partners List.  My orders for these patterns have quadrupled over the last week.   I feel sure that is was because of Dee's mention.  Thank you Dee.  It just goes to show, what a powerful tool the Internet is.  It certainly has opened up my world in a most marverlous way. 

Today, I started  working on a "scrumble" to add to our group garment that will be shown at Chain Link coming up this July.  About 75 of us from a Free Form List, are all making a small piece, we are sending the pieces to Prudence Mapstone , who  will be assembling all the pieces into one magnificent garment.  Prudence has taken on this monumental task.  We voted on a color way, and Prudence reports that some of the pieces have already arrived at her home. 

Have a great weekend everybody



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