Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Everything Old is New Again

The Monday morning class was, as usual, fun for me.  The surprise was that both students were working on Granny Squares.  Robert returned, with the most beautiful squares which he made using Paton's Grace yarn in luscious colors.  The squares were so delicate and perfect for the tops that he was designing for 3 yr old twins.  Dee, documented last Monday's  class on her blog.

The second student,  came in with The Needlecraft Shop's book, 101 GRANNY SQUARES, edited by Carol Alexander.  I was thrilled to see it, as I have two garments in this book, but the item that she wanted to make, was not mine.  It was the darling little girl's dress called "Purple Princess". 

Square by square knitting or crocheting is a perennial favorite.  Most people, when hearing "granny squares"  think of the classic square and that is fine, but there are so many wonderful ways to approach this concept.  I do a workshop, in either knitting or crocheting, or a combination of both, that I call Spectacular Squares.  My squares are far from traditional, and sometimes not even square, but really fun to do.  A combination of stitches and wonderful yarns make them truly spectacular, and the items created by these squares even more so.  This workshop is  turning out to be one of my most popular. Scroll down to my first entry, the poncho that I am wearing is created with squares. 

I'll be doing this workshop in Avon Ct at the Ewephoric Weekend, hosted by The Wool Connection.  Any one in the CT area might be interested in checking out this fun weekend.

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