Wednesday, March 8, 2006

A first for me


Good Morning all,

My father always told me that "we should learn something new and do a good deed every day".  After giving me this bit of advice, he would always add, "and if you do it early in the day, you could rest for the remainder of the day". 

Yesterday was an amazing day.  Not only did I have the opportunity to do several good deeds, but most amazing is what I learned.  I received an e-mail from Marilyn, who had recently purchased my entrelac pattern, and  was having trouble getting past the first row.  We exchanged several e-mails and were making some progress, but it was frustrating for me, (and for Marilyn too, I am sure).  I thought if Dee, crochetwithdee, could teach me to set up a blog by e-mailing me instructions, why couldn't I do the same for Marilyn?  I remembered that I had some photos of entrelac sections in my class file, so I sent them to Marilyn.  Through the course of the evening, several e-mails and photos later (Marilyn also sent me photos of her progress), I received a message from Marilyn  - - along with a photo of two completed sections --"Margaret, I do believe I have it :-).  Have a good night."

Wow, I had just successfully completed my first ever, on line, one on one, crochet lesson.  To me, a monumental feat, a real learning experience, and I did have a good night.


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