Monday, March 27, 2006


Hi All,

The Ewephoric Weekend, held in Avon, CT, and organized by The Wool Connection of Avon, will be held this weekend.  This is my fourth or fifth time teaching at this great gathering.  If you enjoy getting together with people who love the needlearts, if you like to learn lots of new tecniques from some very experienced teachers, and if you love to shop for new yarn, well this is the place for you.  I really love teaching at this weekend event, truly one of my favorites.

Two weeks ago, I decided to join TNNA (The National Needlework Assoc).  I had been to a few shows a long time ago, when they were held in NY.  About 2 years ago, I attended a TNNA event in CA, as a "helper" at the CGOA booth.  I enjoyed it so much, but just did not follow through on joining.  I finally did it, and I received my official acceptance. 

A fellow CGOA member,  gave me a "heads up" that hotels were filling up fast, so  I immediately called for hotel reservations, no problem at all, then I tried to make my airline reservations.  Oh wow, what a surprise.  Not so easy to get from NY to IND, where the show is being held in June.  After 2 hours and lots of frustration, I was able to make a reservation.  The flights offered were overly long, with several long layovers.  When I managed to find one non - stop, the fare was through the roof.  Perserverance won out, and I was able to book, with only one relatively short stop

Next step is to look over all that is being offered, and make my choices.  Another great event to look forward to.  I have a busy year ahead, isn't it wonderful!



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