Saturday, March 11, 2006

Handy Hint for covering a stain

Hi all,

We were discussing embellishing existing articles on the Free Form List, that I belong to, and it reminded me of a wonderful story that I had about this very idea.  I have worked with making simple mesh garments, then embellishing them, but I had forgotten about my silk jacket.  I was deciding what to wear to the guild meeting tomorrow, and because it is near to St Patrick's day, I thought of this jacket.  It is a bright emerald green and perfect for the occasion.  I was wearing it out to dinner one evening, and I literally dumped my salad bowl into my lap.  I rushed it to the cleaners the next morning, but no help for removing the considerable stain that the salad dressing had left.   Not willing to toss a perfectly good jacket, that I loved, I bought some black ribbon, and crocheted flowers and leaves and covered the stain.  I then added some more applique to the shoulder, to sort of balance it out.  I still love the jacket, and get many compliments when I wear it.


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