Friday, August 1, 2008

More photos from New Hampshire Conference

Good Morning All,

here are some more photos from the conference,
Kim Guzman and Me

Me and Sandy (wearing a sweater she made from
Plus Size Crochet) Two ladies in red!

Crochet Texas has just made Jenny King and me honorary
members, the look on my face is surprise (I guess).

That's better.  Me, Jenny, (from Australia),
author of Jenny's Bouquet, One Dozen Crocheted
Flowes,and Jan from the Texas group.

Me and Molly, the "hostess with the mostest", Molly
not only put me up, but drove me all over the place
for two days, when I taught at Fiber Fest this past April.

Do you believe the company that I am in, Myra Wood,
author of CREATIVE CROCHET LACE, on left,
And Jennifer Hansen, the Stitch Diva herself on the right.

Have a great day


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