Sunday, August 3, 2008

classes at the conference

Happy Sunday Everyone.,

I hope that you are not tired of all the conference photos,
but I still would like to get the rest of my workshops in.

I think that the most challenging class that I taught was
Intermeshing Crochet.  I learned the method from James
Walters, of Wales, while I
 was on a Fiber jaunt in
Australia.  I took James' workshop, and he gave me
permission to teach a class in the US.
James even gave me permission to use
 his worksheet.  I made a small bag, and I also
documented, in photos row by row, as I did it.
 I also wrote out row by row instructions in addition
to the photos.  Included in the booklet were
 instructions for a few projects. 

I was not able to give out a lot of homework for this class,
because it really needed to be shown, but before the end
of class, everyone was intermeshing like crazy.

No one was able to finish their bags in this class
but we did have two students who were well on
their way to finishing.

Below are some of the works in progress from
the embellishing class.  By the
end of the class.  Everyone had a bag almost done.
It was really great to see everyone's imagination
at work.

This was the last class of the day, my smallest class.
One attendee did not show up, so there were only 4
students, but we had a lot of fun and a lot of individual
attention.  I started them off with a little tricky stitch,
but hopefully they all got it before the end of class.

Enjoy the rest of the day


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