Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More photos from New Hampshire Conference

Between classes and evenings you could always
meet up with friends in the lobby.  Here are friends
Phyllis Sandford and Sharon Mann, working away
on their projects.  Sharon and Phyllis are co-authors
of Crochet Kid Stuff

Thats my friend Rina with ?

The contest results were announced at the
General Meeting.  Here are photos in
no particular order (I cannot figure out how to
change them)

Kim, receiving her award from Rita

Its Christi's turn

My turn, don't you love the size of the check

Rita presenting Tammy with her prize

Shari's turn (Shari is a member of our free form group)

Rita wearing a magnificent coat of antique
lace.  Rita tells everyone that she found it in a
garbage pail.  It takes her a while to tell
everyone that the garbage pail is in Jean's
garage, and that Jean stores her precious
treasures in brand new, sealed, plastic
garbage pails, so that they are safe and
protected from the elements and little critters.

The Ravelry group arrived just as I was walking by.
I was able to get a closeup photo before they
were mobbed by the crowds.

Have a great day


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