Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Portland Classes and Project sharing

Good Morning Everyone,

On Monday morning I mailed off all my booklets for the conference
in Portland, OR.  With all the airline restrictions, and the weight of
the booklets, I decided it was best to ship them ahead of time.
It will also make my luggage easier to handle.

I am teaching several classes, and I understand there is still
room to sign up.  I hope to see some of you there.

I will be teaching a Free Form Knit and Crochet Combination class.
I love this class because it is friendly to knitters, crocheters or those
of us who are "bistitchual" (this word was coined by Jen, while we
were at a dinner while attending TNNA, last January, and I love it).

In addition to the Free Form, I will be doing Crochet Intermeshing.
This is a new class which I have only just developed and taught
for the first time in NH.  I learned the method from James Walters.
I met James, and took a workshop from him, while on a trip to
Australia.  James gave me permission to develop the workshop,
using methods that I learned from him.

Another fun class is Spectacular Slip Stitches.  The intricate
designs that can be created with these stitches, without having
to carry different colors behind your work, is amazing.

Patchwork Knitting and Crochet Embellishment round out the
classes that I will be teaching.

On another note, the most fun for me as an author and teacher,
is when people send me photos of their finished projects.  I
always encourage students to let me see what they have been
doing.  Now that I am a "seasoned" blogger, I can share
the photos with you.

I'm sure that Zach will love his sweater!

I have a free pattern on my website
for this little sweater.  Its blue on my
website, and it looks so totally different
made with an ombre yarn. 

On of my greatest joys, is I constantly hear
from readers who are still using my first book
both knitting and crochet projects, and has been
out of print for a long time, but is still available on
the web.  While some of the styles are dated, (it
was done in 1978), the classics still hold up and
the concepts are still so usable with todays yarns.

Just a few days ago, I found out that this book was
in the ravelry library, and that it was also available
in braille at a braille library.  A reader sent me a
photo of her newly completed tunic. 
It is the cover sweater of the book.

She used different colors and changed the look.

I love it!  Thanks for sharing Martha.

Suzanne took my Free Form Workshop about a year
ago.  She finished the bag and sent me a photo.
Its terrific Suzanne, better late than never.

 Thanks for sharing Suzanne, I really love your bag.

Have a great day,


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