Monday, August 11, 2008


Happy Monday Everyone,

Yesterday was a very special meeting of our
Happily Hooked on Crochet chapter of CGOA.
  We always have fun at our meetings,
but yesterday was special.

We had an "away" meeting.  Our member, Chava,
hosted a meeting at her lovely home, tucked
 away in the Ct hills.  As a special treat we had
a trunk show of Feza Yarns USA, given
by their Creative Consultant, Nancy.
 There was an array of beautiful yarns and
samples for us to see and touch.

Nancy, Me and Chava and a beautiful skein of yarn.

Some of our members enjoying great food and  great

One of our members, also Nancy, showing
off the sweater she made from my new book
KNITS FOR MEN.  Nancy is a beginning
knitter, so she was thrilled that she could
follow the instructions.  The sweater is for
her husband, but she was a good sport and
modeled it for me.  Great job Nancy!

Oh, Oh, wonder who invited him.

loves to get in close with the camera, (go away Dee)!

Chava captured our visitor, its her bunny
Caboose, come to visit all of us invading
his space.

Jen was asking my advice about a
sweater she is knitting.  There's Dee
with the camera again, always getting my
worst side.  (I guess I could always delete)

Feza yarns provided a great door prize,
a yarn holder, filled with goodies, and
Elaine was the lucky winner.

Have to run, I teach on  Monday mornings.

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

loved the postings, as always...but I really loved the picture of Cabose!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Margaret!  It fits him a LOT better than me!  Bummer!  lol