Thursday, July 31, 2008

More photos from New Hampshire Conference

Good Morning Everyone,

Here are some more pictures.
 One important thing that I forgot to mention in
all the excitement, is that Brian's vest was the result
of many scrumbles made by our free form group.

We sent the pieces to Melanie Gill, long
time member of the International Free Form Group,
who miraculously turned them into the gorgeous
vest that we presented to Brian at our Free Form

My first prize winner on left,and my garment
 made for the fashion show on right.
Thanks to Nancy from the Happily Hooked
on Crochet Chapter from CT. for the photos.

Melanie in one of the many gorgeous
outfits shown in the fashion show. This
design was entered by Urmie Seenarine
who is standing to the left in Granny Square

Sharon from the Texas Chapter, Brian and Wife Anne,
wearing the bra that Brian won for her in the silent auction
two years ago. The bra was the entry of Dee Stanziano
Member of and one of the founders of, the Happily Hooked
on Crochet Chapter in CT.

Chilling in the lobby, friends Val (my friend who found
me on the internet after not seeing me for years, and Jen
my roomie, and member of the Ct chapter.

Mary Beth Temple, Zontee, and Me.  Zontee does the Lion
Brand News Letter and Podcast, Mary Beth and I were
both interviewed, what fun!

Have to get back to work now, more later.

If any one sees that I have identified any one incorrectly
spelled a name wrong or omitted anything, please let
me know.  I will fix it right away.

Have a great day,


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