Saturday, August 2, 2008

More photos from New Hampshire Conference

Good Morning Everyone,

My Free Form Combination Knit and Crochet workshop
was my most popular class at the conference.  I actually
had 2 students over my usual maximum.  It was such a great
class though, and we had a great time.

Our goal was to make a small bag.  I did assign homework
and I was truly amazed at the versatility of each student's
work.  They all did the same thing, putting their own
stamp on it. 

The different colors, different textures and placement
of their scrumbles made each piece unique.
 (Scrumbles, by the way, is the word we use
 to describe the small pieces
that go into a larger free form piece. It is a word
that was coined in the late 70's by Sylvia Cosh
and James Walters, who were early pioneers
 of the free form movement).
 The colors of each bag are really fabulous,
and unfortunately do not show up at their best in my photos.

Happy students getting started.

See how the different colors and placement
make each bag look so different.

The class was large, so we took pics of half the room
at  a time.  Unfortunately, by the time I remembered
to get out my camera, several students had gone

One student just about finished her bag in class, and
another student, Lucy wrote to me last night and sent a
photo of her finished bag.  Thanks Lucy!
I just realized Lucy's bag was from the embellishing
class and not the free form class.  I do not want to
risk deleting my entire entry, so here it will stay for now :-).

Actually, embellishment is a form of free form, with a
little more structure.  I used to combine the two
methods in one class, but it made the class too
long, and gave students too much information to absorb.

Have a great day


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