Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More on crochet/knit figures

Hi Everyone,

A friend read my blog about the crochet Teddy bears, and she reminded
me that, quite a few years ago, I made several of my grandchildren a
Jean Greenhowe knitted doll

It was at a time
when I was spending a lot of time in Florida
and had lots of free time.
I had truly forgotten about them, so
I guess I have done more in figures than I remembered. Of course, they were
not original designs, though I did fudge on the instructions a little. They turned
out to be a really big hit with the kids, but they were a tremendous amount of work. The kids are all
young adults now, I'll have to ask if they still have
the dolls.

I only have a picture of one, the golfer, but each one was a work of art and
the instructions for these dolls are wonderful and the attention to detail is mind boggling. The only reason that I changed them a little was because
they called for a sport weight yarn, and I wanted to use a worsted weight yarn,
so it took a little fudging.

On another note, the CLF Group on ravelry is conducting a vote for
several crochet categories and I am one of the nominees, along with
a lot of other very talented crochet designers. The voting is open to all
CLF BLOG POST Please check it out and cast your ballot now.

Have a good evening


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