Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday Everyone,

February is almost over and I will be happy to see this snowy, cold month behind us. The forecast was for more snow starting last night. I woke up to a really bright morning and thought "Oh well they were wrong", but a few minutes ago, the snow started and its coming down fast and furious.

I am busy working on my new book, and I am a about three quarters of the way done. I always get so immersed in my work, surrounded by yarn covering almost every surface, mostly me. My son called last night and asked if it started snowing here yet, and I told him that I could not get up to look, because I was covered in yarn :-).

Another reason that I have not been posting much is that I have not been doing
anything really exciting this winter. I opted not to attend TNNA, in January or The Knit/Crochet Event in Mn, last week. Travel in the winter is not fun, and extremely stressful from where I live. Those two events always gave me lots of "blog food".

On the other hand, two of my things have been having much more fun than me.
My friend, Prudence Mapstone of Australia
has been teaching all over the place. Prudence asked me if she could borrow my CONNECTIONS soft sculpture and a garment to bring along with her for "show and tell". CONNECTIONS was a piece that I did for an exhibit in an Israeli Museum. Mirjam Cohen was mounting the exhibit and she asked several US crocheters to submit entries. When I heard that the exhibit was to be "figures" I wanted to back out. I am a fashion designer, never did figures (except for two Teddy Bears for my grandchildren). Mirjam encouraged me to try. I hated my finished piece, thought it was too child like, but I sent it to Israel. Well that little sculpture has been to more countries than me, and now is traveling with Prudence. Wish I was traveling with

Since I mentioned the Teddy Bears, I thought I'd show a photo of them.

Have a great day


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