Saturday, February 7, 2009

longing for Spring/exciting news

Good Morning Everyone,

I know, I have not been keeping up on my promise to post
more often. Truth be told, I am working on my new book
full time. Being house bound so much, due to snow, ice and
bitter cold weather, I have been getting lots of work done
on the book. I am longing for the greening up of Spring to begin

On the other hand, I just received word that I will be teaching
in Buffalo, at the CGOA/TKGA conference. No word on what
classes have been accepted as yet, but I will be there in early
August. I will also be teaching at the Sqam Lake Art Festival
in early June (don't have the dates in front of me right now),
but my summer workshops are beginning to firm up.

shipping, and I have had a bunch of positive e-mails so far,
which I love to receive.

Almost forgot, my publisher encouraged me to join Face book.
Well, I did not know any thing about Face book, so its been a
journey of learning yet another new process. There are not
enough hours in the day to keep up with all this stuff. Any way,
I barely pressed the "join" button, and I received my first
message, instantaneously. I will never get used to all of this.
Within ten minutes, I had a slew of friends, granted I knew most
of them, but had no clue that they were on face book. How much
can an old brain hold??? I guess I will find out.

Hope all of you are warm and cozy, and those of you in the
warm climates, think of me all bundled up, sitting by the fire
knitting and crocheting away, yearning for Spring to get here.

Have a great weekend


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