Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Jen's felted bag, still a work
in progress.
Nancy's beautiful dress and top.

Jen's lovely Shawl
Celeste Preemie Blanket



It reached 45 degrees yesterday, wow, it is finally happening, we got above the freezing mark.

Sunday was the monthly meeting of The Happily Hooked on Crocheted Club.
We had a great meeting, lots of members showed up and we had a birthday
cake for Ruth, one of our founders. Ruth was 80 and proud to tell us her age.
Our January meeting was canceled twice because of snow, so it was good to
see everyone. We have been working on chemo caps for the hospital and we
collected 104, outstanding group.

In addition to birthday cake and other goodies, we had show and tell, lots of
chatter and exchanging of ideas. Oh, and we did have a meeting with selection
of officers, lots of exciting plans revealed for our group, including workshops
with Lily Chin and Kim Kotary. Grace, our president, did get a word or
two in, although there was a time or two, she wished she had a gavel.

Have a great day,

I have to get some work done.


ps; I am totally frustrated with my blog this morning, photos and text have a mind of their own and no matter how I arrange them, they just keep popping up the way that they want. No more time to work on it now, so hope you can figure out which caption goes with which photo :-)

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