Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hi Everyone,

The Pink Project Auction is up and ready. All the items up for bids
and all the information can be seen here


Over 200 contributors from all over the globe, including me,
contributed the scrumbles that went into making all the items.

"Scrumbles", by the way, are the little sections of crochet or knit that are made
individually, then put together, like a puzzle, to make the larger item. The
word was coined in the seventies by James Walters and Sylvia Cosh
Who were pioneers in the free form movement.

Prudence Mapstone, knotjustknitting.com
author, teacher and designer, from Australia
assembled all the items. They are one of a kind, truly spectacular,
shawls, bags, and hats.

On a recent trip to New Zealand, Prudence kept us busy during
free times, making scrumbles.

Please check it out, the money raised is for a truly wonderful cause,
and you will end up with a work of art.

Have a great day,


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