Monday, March 9, 2009


Hi Everyone,

We had our March meeting yesterday, and what a fun meeting it was.
We had a full house of attendance, about 25 members, all busily working
on projects. Our project for this meeting was making leaves for
the Tree Project

In addition to making leaves we had a great variety of show and tell
items, such as;
From top to bottom:
Nancy S, a beginner, crocheted her very first afghan and she was so proud of it, great job Nancy! Irene made a glitter hat and scarf, the picture does not show how lovely it is. Dottie almost finished her
beautiful shawl. Hilda made booties, but did not want to model them for me,
In addition to her glitter hat and scarf Irene made a fabulous ruffled scarf .

Kathy made a great baby blanket using up some left over yarn, Rosalie's blanket was
awesome, Ruth is making dolls for our chapter's annual Easter sale.

Sheila looks very happy modeling her poncho, and Diane was not quite finished
with her blanket, but it was so pretty I wanted a picture of it any way.

Fun group, fun day, lots of productivity, a great time was had by all, Oh
and we had dessert too:-)

Enjoy the rest of the day!


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