Saturday, May 10, 2008

Readers sharing projects

Happy Saturday Everyone,

The sun is out, and a beautiful weekend is in store for us in the North East corner of our country.  Lots of activity in our small town today.  There is a giant book sale, which our library does every year, and I cannot wait to get to it, always lots of fun.  In addition to the book sale, local churches are having dinners and a plant sale.

I had a lovely letter from a reader yesterday, which is always a day brightener. 

Sue sent me pictures of some projects that she completed from HOOKED BAGS.  Sue thanked me for the easy to follow patterns. I love seeing the projects, thanks for sending them

For the Victorian Pouch, Sue used Silky Kidd rather
than the Silk Purse from Alchemy that I used, and
it looks terrific.

Sue made the hobo bag and added her own
touch of a flower that was featured in Hooked Hats.
The Hobo bag is made with Lion Cotton.

The Shoppers Tote was made with Sugar and
Cream by Lily.

Great job Sue. thanks for sharing.

Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mother's out there.


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