Friday, May 16, 2008


Hi Everyone,

It is a very gloomy, rainy Friday afternoon, but I am feeling very happy.  Just about a month ago, I finished another new book for Creative Publishers Int.
It was my eighth book for them in a little over three years.  I thought that the contents of this newest book was still under wraps, so I have not discussed it at all.  KNITS FOR MEN is just about due to be released and I have been talking about that one a lot.


Yesterday afternoon I received an e-mail from fellow designer Robyn Chachula,
and Robyn told me that Natalie Zee Drieu, editor of CRAFT magazine had mentioned Robyn's "Day in the Life Of" series on her blog.  I went to check it out and found my name highlighted, so naturally I clicked on it.  Up came with a page of my books.  There at the bottom of the page was my very newest, barely completed book, big as life. 

I could not believe it.  I tried to call my editor, but it was late in the afternoon and she was gone for the day.  She called me this morning and told me that I could now  "tell all" about the book.

I thought about doing this book after hearing all the buzz about converting knit patterns to crochet and vice versa.  Now I am not saying it cannot be done, but it is not an easy task.  Crocheted stitches by their nature are wider and higher than knitted stitches even when done on the same size needles/hooks.  You definitely can get the same looks, but lots of math and swatching is required.  Every stitch does not have a "twin" in both knitting and crochet and I really tried a lot of stitches before finding look alikes.   It is not a simple thing to just take a knitted item, and change it to crochet stitches.

First I came up with 15 designs, then made each sample and wrote each pattern  in a knitted version and a crochet version,  30 projects in all.  Each one is written out, so no math required on your part.  There is something for everyone in this book, from some smaller items to sweaters.  Something for men, women and children.  I had lots of fun doing it,  learned a lot along the way and hope that you will enjoy it too.

My KNITS FOR MEN is due out any day now, and  KNIT OR CROCHET HAVE IT YOUR WAY, is already on amazon taking pre orders.

Some days are "golden" in spite of the rain!

I think both knitters and crocheters alike will have fun
with the projects in this book.  Maybe, just maybe,
I'll have some converts on both sides of the fence.

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Now I got to wait until _January_....oh well, I'm sure I have other projects I can do until then:)