Wednesday, May 14, 2008



A fellow designer, Robin Chachula, 
had the idea of all of us posting what a day in our life was
like.  Sounded like a great idea so I wanted in on the fun.

Monday is just about my busiest day of the week. 
I always set my alarm for 7 am, but rarely sleep till it goes
off, I usually wake up by 6-6:15.

I started my day at the computer, working
on my handout for one of my classes at the
 July conference in New Hampshire. 
Working on instructions early in the
morning works best for me.
I work till 8:00 am, then I decide that I had better
 go over my part for my Shakespeare club meeting.
 We are reading  "The Taming of The Shrew"
and today I am Lucentio.
 I study my part over a cup of tea and toast.
 I had better get myself moving.
 I teach at the local yarn shop
every Monday and I hate to be late.

My student's are so enthusiastic, and they
greet me with smiles, makes me feel good.

Carolyn and Inga, working on their projects.  Both
of them are fairly new crocheters, but doing really
great work.

Kathy is really concentrating on learning entrelac
crochet.  Kathy loves to learn different, challenging

When I leave class I go to my Shakespeare
club meeting. We have about 30 members, the club
is over 100 years old and is the oldest club
 in the state, that has met continuously
for all that time.  It was a really fun meeting
today, went on till 5 pm,
time to head for home.

I still had the whole evening ahead,
 I did not feel like eating at
all, since the refreshments at the meeting
 were really good,  no
need to cook a meal tonight.

Checked my phone messages, checked my e-mail,
settled down to get some work done. 
 I just finished another new book, and sent in 3 new
proposals,  still waiting to hear.  One phone message
was from  my editor informing me that the
 review date for new proposals is this Thursday. 

I get a lot of work done in the evening hours
and usually work till 11 or 11:30.  I am currently
working on four afghan restorations,
my fashion show entry for Chain Link,
and my handouts for the conference. 
Tonight I decide that I will give each project an
 hour or two of my time.
I turn on the TV, two of my favorite shows are on, I
listen more than watch, while I work.  By 11:30 pm I
have one afghan finished, one set of instructions firmed up,
one sleeve started on my fashion show
entry (back and fronts done already) and I feel that
 I have had a really productive few hours.

Time for bed, I am beginning to wilt.

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Have fun


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