Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Good Morning Everyone,

The Happily Hooked on Crochet meeting
this past Sunday was, as usual, lots of fun.
 Whenever I get to attend, it is the highlight
 of my week. 

The members are such a happy group,
 their enthusiasm is infectious.

In addition to all the crocheting going on,
we had a special guest speaker at this meeting. 
Sarah M. Wanczyk,
Coordinatior of Creative Arts for the Eastern States
Exposition, gave us an over view of all the changes
going on in this venue.  Sarah outlined the changes
in submitting items and in the judging process, as
they pertained to crochet especially.  There was a very
informative question and answer period.

Missy Boo, looking on as Mini Dee models
her sweater, made for Missy Boo by her mom
Nancy.  Sarah getting in on the picture.

Celeste making a scarf from my HOOKED ON SCARVES
book.  Celeste chose such interesting yarns for her
scarf, that I was amazed at how different, and how
gorgeous it looked.

is cooking up a special surprise for the
charity auction at Chain Link.  She has
asked members to make faces, lots of faces!!!
Don't you love Jay Leno, 2nd from left, top row?

Busy bees working on their own projects.
Lots of charity work going on here also.
The group supports several local organizations
such as Danbury Hospital with Chemo Caps,
preemie hats and blankets.  We also support
The Salvation Army with hats, gloves and scarves
for the winter project.  I cannot remember the
numbers, but we have made several hundred
items for both these groups.

Missy Boo decides to model her own
sweater.  Mom Nancy. made this sweater
in tunisian crochet.

Dee, showing Priscilla and Phyllis a new stitch.

Missy Boo, me and Mini Dee

Elaine was teaching us how to make her
lovely rose, which can be felted or not.
Mary Ann, Patty and Celeste working on
their roses. 

Mary Ann, proudly showing us her lovely afghan.
Mary Ann says this is a tremendous amount of
work, and it shows.  The picture does not do it
justice, it is magnificent.

Priscilla modeling her lovely shawl.  I have
to twist arms to get them to model their work :-).

Great meeting all.  Have a great day.


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