Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Weekend

Good Morning Everyone,

I am happy to report, that my blog seems to be back in working
order, so perhaps I can get more entries in.

I had a really fun weekend.  I usually try to keep my blog all about my adventures in knitting and crocheting, but every once in a while I like to share some other things in my life.

Saturday started out a beautiful, sunny day, and I had several things planned.  My first stop was our library book sale.  By 10:00 am the huge tent in the village was jammed with people pouring over thousands of books.  I managed to squeeze into the "How To" aisle, where I found 2 needlework books that I did not already own, and had to have :-), plus some new reading material.  I stowed my armload of books in my car, and walked down the street to the yarn shop (surprise).  On my way back to my car, I spied a truck that had a sign on it that said "RAINBOW'S END BUTTERFLY FARM & NURSERY".  Seeing the truck reminded me that I had read an article in our local paper about Rainbow's End, and also reminded me that they were going to be in the village that day.  Naturally I had to check it out.  Any one who knows me knows that I love butterflies, and always include one somewhere in my work.

Rainbow's End is a family-owned farm that is all about butterflies, committed to having a positive impact on the environment by creating and restoring butterfly habitats.  After talking to Pat DuPlessis, I had to have one of their kits.  I went home with my very own Butterfly Habitat Kit.

I was so excited, here is my very own kit, with the
chrysalis tucked in a little mesh pouch.

The instructions say to remove it from the pouch, hang
on the box, watch and enjoy.

Pat, (on left) ? on right (I didn't get a name) holding a
   Mesh covered cage filled with
beautiful butterflies.

You can learn more about them at http://www.RainbowsEndFarm.biz

Free form jacket.  I call it Butterflies in
the garden.

More butterflies in my long vest

See the butterfly on the shoulder of one of my newest

You can get a free copy of the instructions for this
butterfly at http://www.margarethubertoriginals.com

After the books and butterflies I was off to the plant sale at
St. John's church.  My car was getting filled with
goodies very quickly.

I had one more special thing to do, I was off to a fund raising
dinner at the United Methodist Church.  The Youth Group was
raising money for their annual trip for ASP.  ASP stands for
Appalachia Service Project.  This wonderful group of
teens and their adult supervisors spend one week each
summer working to help others less fortunate than themselves.
The work that they do is mind boggling.  They have repaired
leaking roofs, replaced plumbing, restored electricity, installed
flooring, you name it, they have tackled it.  In this world where
we constantly hear of the wild things that kids do, this group is an
inspiration for all.  At the dinner all the teens auction themselves
off to do all kinds of work.  They donate all the proceeds of their
labor to buy supplies for their project.  I am so proud that my
son, daughter-in-law and grandsons are
 part of this wonderful project.

That was my day on Saturday.  Sunday (Mother's Day) was also
a very fun day.  I started my day attending a church service with
my Son and his family, after the service, the congregation was
invited to attend a "coffee and", lots of food and conversation.

After that we went to  a movie, Iron Man.  I always get to see some
fun movies when I go out with the kids.  I did not expect to like
the movie, but was very pleasantly surprised.  Robert Downey Jr
was terrific, and I enjoyed the movie a lot.  After the movie,
we went out to dinner.  Needless to
say, by Sunday night I was ready to get cozy, watch tv,
 and get out my latest crochet project.

Have a great day


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