Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones and Karen Allen

Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone,

I started off my weekend with dinner
and a movie last night.  One great thing
 about having grandchildren,
(8 big boys, 1 little girl) is, they invite
me to join them for an occasional night out.
Two weeks ago I got to see Iron Man, and
was surprised that I liked it, and really thought
Robert Downey Jr. was great in it.

Last night the movie of choice was
the new Indiana Jones movie.
 Not having been a big fan 20 years ago,
 I really did not know much about the
the previous films, except that they were
action packed, and had Harrison Ford in
them.  Another surprise, I enjoyed the movie
a lot.

Why am I telling you about my movie
adventures?  Just before I left last night,
I got a phone call from a friend, who told
me that Karen Allen, Indiana's leading lady,
was an avid knitter and owned a shop in
Great Barrington, MA.  That's just an hours
drive for me, and I have spent many a summer
weekend strolling through GB, and browsing the shops.

I have also spent many wonderful hours, (and dollars)
browsing a shop called Wonderful Things.  A yarn
shop in GB,  jam packed with all sorts of great yarn,
plus other unusual handcrafted items.

 I was not familiar with the
shop that my friend was talking about so I
googled Karen Allen, and I discovered

Have fun browsing her site.

Enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend.


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Anonymous said...

how interesting about Karen Allen; I heard that a lot of stars will knit because its a good thing to do between takes on the set; glad you enjoyed the movie last night and neat you have grands that enjoy your company :)