Saturday, January 20, 2007

The rewards of teaching

Hi Everyone,

This past fall I had the pleasure of teaching a Free Form Crochet workshop along with a spectacular Squares workshop at Camp Crochet Texas.  They were an enthusiastic, great group and the the whole weekend was lots of fun.  I wrote about it at great length when I returned home.  Our homework was to make a few different squares and some "scrumbles".  Scrumbles are what we call all the little pieces that go into creating a Free Form piece.  The term "scrumbles" is accredited to Sylvia Cosh and James Walters, who were pioneers in the Free Form movement. 

While this was two separate workshops, I encouraged students to think out of the box, and mix and match their pieces till they were happy with the results.

A few days ago I received an e-mail with pictures from Saundra, one of the attendees.  Saundra wrote that she was having trouble turning her pieces into the bag that was our goal in the workshop.  She put it aside for awhile, then started playing with it again, and was pleased that she managed to finished the bag.  She was so excited, and I was excited for her.  It is so great when the light bulb goes off, and you can actually see the finished piece in your mind's eye.  Saundra gave me permission to share her bag with you.

Great job Saundra, I am sure that you will come up with many more free form pieces in the future. 

I'd love to see finished projects from some of the other attendees.

Have a great weekend!


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