Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Good Morning Everyone,

I have finally settled down a little after arriving home at 2 am yesterday morning from a fabulous trip to San Diego and TNNA. 

When I first arrived in CA, I wandered over to the Convention Center and found a beehive of activity with people scurrying all over, trying to get the floor ready for the onslaught of visitors.  The Offinger group was running in all directions tending to the thousands of details needed to make this event happen.  I had never arrived so early and I had never seen, first hand, the transformation of a convention hall.  Seeing the bare floors and walls of this huge, cavernous structure, turn into the wonderland of yarn and needlework, with carpeted aisles, posters,  gorgeous finished works etc. was a marvel to me.  I have a new, awesome respect,  for the people who make this happen.

I offered to help set up the CGOA/TKGA booth along with Penny S from Offinger, Marty and Jane.  I was not much help, but it was fun just the same, being part of it all.  Penny proceeded to open box after box of goodies, and under her direction, the bare space turned into a charming diner, sporting ice cream cones and sundaes, cleverly made of yarn.  The checkered table cloths, the black and white tile floor,  posters and wall hangings added to the "look", and really received lots of attention.  The charming booth caused many attendees to stop in their tracks.  It gave us the opportunity to tell them about CGOA/TKGA and while there, they took the time to look at the magazines, ask questions, and learn a lot about the organizations. 

On my second day, I took a fun workshop with Nicky Epstein , CUT FELTED FLOWERS.  Nicky had us make a knitted square and felt it, as homework, then showed us how to turn our squares into the most charming flowers.  Nicky is also the author of many great books, including the fabulous KNITTING ON THE EDGE and  KNITTING OVER THE EDGE. 

More on TNNA to come.

Have a great day



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