Monday, January 8, 2007


Good Morning Everyone,

My fingers were flying last night, well as fast as I can work any way. I crocheted my armhole piece and it fit right in place.  I then used the paper trick again, and made a template of a piece that I needed to fill in at the bottom. 

After making these 2 pieces, and sewing them in place, I decided this was the time for more filet stitches.  I needed to make the back grow a little faster.  After adding mesh to the large paisley, and pinning it on my dress form, I realized that I needed a few fan shapes to fill in.  I knit a fan shape, using #10 needles, so it would be fairly large, and fill in a big section.  I then crocheted the smaller fan on the bottom.  Everything is now taking shape, and going in the direction that I wanted.

The armholes are slightly gaping, and I will have to correct that with some rows around.  The right front is narrower, and more uneven than the left front, so I will want to work on that a little.  In Free Form, we usually do not try for perfectly matched, even edges, but -- -- I am one of those people whose orderly, symmetrical personality is constantly fighting with my free form personality!

More tomorrow, hopefully a finished vest, as I am leaving Wednesday morning for TNNA in CA.

Have a great day,


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