Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Good Morning Everyone,

I did it!  I never thought that I would be able to complete this in so short a time, but there it is, buttons and all.  Speaking of the buttons, I did not make buttonholes, but just sewed on buttons, and button them in the open work mesh on the Left front.  I did have most of the pieces made, or it never could have happened.  I was trying for the look of one of those little suede or leather vests, lined in fur, and the fur is showing all around the edges.  Well I didn't quite make it, but I am happy with the results.  The fit is perfect.

All of the yarns that I used were some shades of green, some had hints of pink.  I used about 12 different yarns, which is a small amount for a free form piece.  I used mohair, ribbon, cotton, 100 % wool and several blends.  Some were quite thin, some very bulky.  In fact with one of the bulky ones, I just held it in place and did a double crochet over it.  I do not worry about mixing all the different yarns.  As long as the yarns are hand washable, I will use them in the mix.  The yarn came from all over.  I bought the first ball in Atlantic city at Stitches East last year, continued to purchase yarn, at least one skein, everywhere that I visited in 2006.   England, California, Chicago, Texas, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusettes and New York.  The colors do not always look true on the monitors, and some of the yarns look beige instead of green.

I would be happy to answer any questions on the construction of the vest, or any of the stitches used, but would ask you to hold the questions until I return from my trip on the 16th.

Have a great day,



Anonymous said...

Your work is always inspiring, Margaret!!  :)

Anonymous said...

Ya know, Margaret, I was never terribly interested in making my own freeform project (although it's fun to look at others' work), but your vest has me inspired!  I have been struggling with jumping from designing household items and bags to garments for some time, had a few minor successes and many major failures.  But this makes me think I can actually make a freeform garment for myself!  You're hearing me say it, "I plan to wear a freeform item, of my own design to the July Chain Link".  Thanks for the inspiration.  It's amazing how quickly this idea got me energized!  Ellen