Friday, January 26, 2007


Good Morning Everyone.

It's a bitter cold morning in NY, my thermometer is reading 0 degrees, and the news says wind chill is about 15 below, brrrrr. 

Opening up my e-mail warmed my heart though.  The first e-mail was congratulating me on my designs in the new BIG HOOK CROCHET.  Then another congrats and another.   I did not even know the book was out yet, so that was a big surprise.  Especially coming so soon after my HOOKED FOR TODDLERS arrived, then Jean and Rita's  100 PURSES TO KNIT AND CROCHET a few days ago.  Wow, it seems all my work of the past year is coming out all at once.  I hope all the new books will inspire knitters and crocheters to start new projects.  What better way to spend cold winter evenings?  Perhaps even think about starting next year's Christmas gifts, or get some charity projects going. This could even be the time to start a great project for yourself.  So many people tell me that they only make household items or things for others.  I love to wear my own creations, and in between all my designing and teaching, I always have a project going for myself.   While I was at TNNA, someone came up to me and told me that I was my own best advertisement, and that made me feel really good. 

One of these days, maybe after I get home from The Mall of America Knit Out/Crochet Too, I will start a new project and I will post my progress.  I have been thinking about this for a while now, maybe do some kind of a follow along.  More on this later.

Have a great day, keep warm.


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