Thursday, January 18, 2007

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Happy Thursday Everyone,

The days do go flying by, just not enough time to get it all done.

I was at TNNA to do a book signing for my HOOKED BAGS book, and it was very exciting for me.  TNNA is a trade show, which means it is not open to the general public, so everyone attending is a retailer, wholesaler, teacher, designer or somehow affiliated with the industry.  I had a lot of opportunity to speak with shop owners from all parts of the country, and they told me that many of their customers are asking for new crochet patterns.   I was also thrilled to see my new HOOKED FOR TODDLERS book.  It will be available for shipping very soon. 

Myra Wood, my friend and fellow designer took a long train ride just to spend one day at the show.   She was so excited to be there, as it was a first for her.  She joined TNNA at my urging, and is so glad that she did.  You can read about her adventures on her blog

Walking through the show is a mind boggling experience.  You are completely surrounded by the most dazzling display of needle work of every description.  In addition to yarn companies featuring their gorgeous yarns, the textures and colors, the sample garments in the booths, there are booths featuring needlepoint, counted cross stitch, embroidery of every description.  Taking pictures is a no-no on the floor, so the pictures posted of the CGOA/TKGA booth, and in Nicky Epstein's class, were taken with permission.

As if the displays are not enough, walking through the aisles is like walking through a "who's who" in our world.  I met Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss at their book signing (and was lucky enough to get a signed copy of the book) 100 CROCHET PROJECTS.  We have a mutual admiration society going on here . I took a workshop with Nicky Epstein, and we had the fun of sitting across the aisle from each other on the plane ride home.  Myra Wood, Edie Eckman,  Marty Miller, Jane Schwartz and Carol Ventura are only a few of the designers present.  I also had the opportunity to spend a little time with Bobbie Matela , editor of Creative Knitting Magazine. 

Two of my designs were featured in the Tahki/Stacy Charles booth, and they are both covers (one front, one back) in their new instruction books. I will have to ask if I am allowed to show pictures.   My "quilt of flowers" was on display in the Alchemy booth.  I made this quilt for Alchemy a while ago, but they bring it to every show, and I am always so pleased when they tell me it is still a show stopper.  

Jennifer Hansen's booth Stitch Diva, always has the most fun designs.  Be sure to check them out at .

More as I think of it.

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