Saturday, November 18, 2006

This and That

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Sorry that I have not posted in awhile, but life happens occasionally. 

I have not been able to do my work as usual this past week because of some eye problems, but I did want to keep you posted on some things.

I found out yesterday, that The Craft Yarn Council will be holding one of their wonderful Knit/Crochet events at the Mall of America in February.  This is the first time that an event like this will be held indoors, and will be for two days.  I think that  this is so fabulous.  I don't have all the details as yet, but will let you know more soon.

I have only attended and demonstrated at the NYC event, and that draws huge crowds of people and is such fun. 

One of the nicest things about attending these events is meeting people from all over this wonderful land.  As an author, teacher and designer of both knitting and crochet, I often wonder if people are really making the things that I design.  When someone comes up to me actually wearing a garment that they made from one of my books, I cannot tell you what a great feeling that is.  It has happened to me several times, and just again this past weekend at the Happily Hooked on Crochet Guild meeting.  Karen, one of the members, was wearing a jacket from HOW TO FREE FORM CROCHET, that she had made.  It was stunning!  Karen won the book while attending my demo at the NYC Knit/Crochet Out.  The  best part is actually seeing how creative people add their own touches, this is especially important when learning to free form.  I do write instructions, and when I am told that they are easy to follow, thats icing on the cake.  I do, however, encourage people to use the methods as a starting point, a way to get their own creative juices flowing.  I love  seeing it happen.

Have a great day


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Anonymous said...

  Your work is beautiful.  I'm hoping during the blah winter months to get an earlier start on Christmas and what wonderful presents your patterns would be for the special people in my life after they are made up.  Right now the countdown has begun to finish up what I've started, as once again, I couldn't decide what I would make for my grandchildren and I'm pushing as fast as I can to get things done.  What a wonderful luxury it would be for me to enjoy creating lovely things and not be so rushed.  Well, it is a thought anyway.
Crochet hugs,