Monday, November 6, 2006

More Camp Crochet Texas

Good Morning Everyone,

I am feeling a little better about my computer skills this morning, as I have discovered that aol is changing some of their stuff, so it was not my lack of skill that prompted one frustrating afternoon.

I managed to get a few more pictures done, then Molly is going to send me a disc.  I think that will totally solve the problem.

The first picture is more at the Meet and Greet Friday night.
The second picture is Sharon and I getting ready to have breakfast Sat morning, before the workshops start. 

The third is of a group of us that went out for dinner Sat night.  A great time was had by all.  Our waiter and waitress must be candidates for sainthood.

The fourth is Tim Klein and his art  car.  Some of you may remember that I originally met Tim on line, when members of an online group were raving about his car.  I wrote to Tim asking about the car, and found out that he would be visiting NY, very nearby to where I live.  He invited me to see the car,  so a friend and I took him up on the offer.  That meeting started a chain of events and Tim and I have kind of kept track of each other since then. 

When he wrote that he was going to be in Austin TX on Oct 20, to participate in the Art Car Parade, well the coincidence was just too much.  When I told him that I was also going to be in Austin to teach at Camp Crochet Texas, he offered to come visit after the parade. 

It was such fun to see him and his fabulous car again.  I think everyone enjoyed seeing the amazing job that he did. 

Have a great day everyone


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